Los Angeles Theater Preview: GROUNDLINGS ACTION PLAYSET (The Groundlings Theatre)

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by Tony Frankel on April 29, 2016

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For almost 40 years, The Groundlings has proved itself to be one of the premiere comedy troupes in the nation, creating more stars than the Big Bang (and creating more Big Bangs than stars; have you ever been backstage during a performance?)

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Performers showcase material that arises from improvisation workshops; their weekly shows range from all-improv to all-sketches and anywhere in-between. The Groundlings Main Company opens their latest box set tonight, and in case you’ve been needing a super-duper hero, Groundlings Action Playset is here to save the day.

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Director Holly Mandel (sold separately) leads an evening of all-new sketches and a few improvisational scenes starring Groundlings Matt Cook, Laurel Coppock, Allison Dunbar, Chris Eckert, Heidi Gardner, Ryan Gaul, Patty Guggenheim, and Greg Worswick.

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These caped crusaders and Conans of comedy consistently capture the criminals of commonplace crap by creating capacious caricatures and kooky contexts. Alliteration included.

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For those who have never been, the two-act laugh-fest is in an intimate theater on Melrose where the energy is always a tonic for what ails ya; Willie Etra’s rockin’ three-piece band sits below the stage, playing during quick-paced scene changes or for musical scenes.

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The title has absolutely nothing to do with the show; certainly skits are topical but there is rarely a through-line. If one scene lags or isn’t to your liking, another one that will make you ache with laughter is right around the corner (which reminds me of my love life, but that’s another story).

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For a nominal ticket price (20 bucks) you will not only find yourself supremely entertained, but it may be the cheapest acting class you have ever attended.

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160427_Groundlings Main_205v2_smallphotos by Shawn Bishop

Groundlings Action Playset
Groundlings Theatre, 7307 Melrose Ave
Fri at 8; Sat at 8 & 10
ends when they feel like it sometime in 2016
(but that’s no excuse to wait…)
for tickets, call 323.934.4747
or visit The Groundlings

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