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by Jim Allen on November 29, 2018



Walt Disney Records releases the soundtrack for the hit film Ralph Breaks the Internet this week. The album features original songs “A Place Called Slaughter Race” (performed in the film by Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot) and “Zero,” written and performed by Imagine Dragons; as well as “In This Place,” a pop version of “A Place Called Slaughter Race,” performed by Julia Michaels.

The majority of the 35-track record is the score by composer Henry Jackman (Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6). Jackman’s mission was to create music that’s reminiscent of the first film, while embracing the new story and the vast, uncharted new world of the internet that Ralph and Vanellope must navigate to retrieve a part to save her game. Says Jackman, “Wreck-It Ralph is one of the best animated films of recent times and I was really proud of the score. What makes this one different? There’s a clue in the title, Ralph Breaks the Internet — we’ve moved from the arcade to the internet. While we can retain some of the original material, there’s a new layer we had to create and integrate. There’s a distinction between arcade electronica and internet electronica, which sounds more modern.”

“There are so many fun things to enjoy,” continues Jackman. “But I think the universality comes from the fact that it’s an important archetypal friendship story. Hidden behind all of this amazing technology and imagery is something very solid emotionally and narratively.”

Ralph Breaks the Internet — Soundtrack
Alan Menken,  Henry Jackman, and various artists
Walt Disney Records
35 tracks | 74:14 | released November 30, 2018
available on Amazon and iTunes

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