by Aveline MacQuoid on November 8, 2019

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When a holiday season is just about the corner, many students, who are happy to forget about a paper writing service they usually take advantage of but still are not willing to stop learning, start looking for effective ways to spend their free time productively. Thoughts like “I need someone to do my research paper for me” are not something to be concerned about, so they can spend their time otherwise. Watching a few good movies that can teach them a few lessons is always a great solution. But which films should one choose to watch something entertaining and yet educational?

Below, there are the top-rated five educational movies for students, according to All of these picks are appropriate for both college- and school-age children; they can not only teach the latter ones good values but also entertain them soundly. If you are a current student who is tired about writing essays and needs a list of good movies to enjoy during the upcoming holiday season, consider the below-mentioned options:

1. Zootopia

Don’t get put out by talking animals, this animated movie is pretty realistic when it comes to depicting relations between predators and their prey. Except for being interesting and yet entertaining, it has a few life lessons to teach students. It teaches them about perseverance and shows that it is possible to achieve much with some hard work. The movie encourages kids to stand against racism and teaches them that it is more important to look for similarities between people rather than differences. A strong message against prejudice is carried throughout the entire movie, too.

2. The Pursuit of Happiness

The main character of the film Chris Gardner sets a good example to the youngsters by showing how important it is to work hard and stay the course no matter what. Hard work and perseverance have turned him from a salesman sleeping on the streets into a founder of a brokerage house, who earns millions of dollars. Based on a true story, the movie encourages students to learn all the time and never retreat from their goals even if it seems that things are going south. So and in no other ways, they will be able to achieve everything they want.

3. Freedom Writers

Those who lack inspiration should include this movie in their watch lists. The film tells an interesting and yet inspiring story about a regular teacher, who developed an original style of teaching. She employed her new system to teach a bunch of underachievers to lead them to academic success pretty fast. The movie shows how teacher’s devotion and love of study can help a regular teacher promote passion-based learning among flunkers and turn their lives around once for all.

4. Dead Poets Society 

Of course, probably very few students know about this film; however, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t give it a chance. The movie tells a story about a teacher, who employs original and yet effective methods of teaching literature. His teaching style allows him to promote a love of the subject for his class with ease. Unfortunately, it is not all sunshine and roses when bureaucracy gums up the works.

If you are looking for a movie that can inspire you to learn literature, then this pick is what you need. Even though it seems to look a bit old-fashioned, it covers pretty hot issues, such as You only live once. Every student will be surprised to learn how similar the problems of the eighties’ youngsters and the modern students’ ones are.

5. Stand and Deliver

Like the above-mentioned film, this one may seem to be a bit out-of-date; however, it is still worth mentioning. The movie opens with the story about a math teacher who gets to teach a bunch of losers but focuses more on discipline rather than education. During two academic years, he trains underachievers to help them succeed academically in the long run and, as a result, all students pass the AP calculus exam.

The movie shows that every student, no matter his or her background and struggles, has all the chances to achieve academic success. There are countless possibilities to succeed and everybody can use them no matter what.

These inspiring top-picks will help you keep yourself focused outside the classroom. They will remind you of the great value of knowledge and education and will encourage you to do your best to succeed in your studies with essay help from Essay Hub. Every student should take a break from learning, and we believe that these movies will be just the thing for pupils to seek inspiration from during weekends and holidays to plunge headlong into learning as soon as school starts.

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