Theater Preview: ASK THE VOID (Theatre of the Electric Mouth)

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by Frank Arthur on September 9, 2020

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Theatre of the Electric Mouth (ThEM) — a newly formed theatre collective — will release its first audio drama, Ask the Void, on September 15, 2020, landing on on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. With an absurdist lens somewhere between Eugene Ionesco and Tim and Eric, Ask the Void imagines a world where those seeking advice in life and love call into The Void and bask in the guidance of that cantankerous abyss. Who better to trust on the important stuff than the endless, cascading nothingness that threatens daily to engulf us all.

Writer/director Davis Alianiello explains why the piece resonates with the present moment: “I’m interested in the peculiar ways in which alienation worms into our personalities and perceptions of the world. The particularly voyeuristic and disingenuous format of an advice column seemed like a good template for riffing on social isolation and collective fears.”

About Theatre of the Electric Mouth (ThEM)

Theatre of the Electric Mouth is an international community of over 40 artists, collaborating remotely to create absurd and literary audio dramas. ThEM was formed in response to the COVID pandemic as a safe and accessible way of collaborating remotely to create works of theatre without a live audience. There’s no ticket price, either; all of ThEM’s audio dramas will be available for free, all you need is a little internet. They have been making audio dramas together remotely since COVID; currently, there are over 40 members between the United States, Canada, and Bulgaria. 14 audio dramas have already been produced: Ask the Void is the first release.

About Ask the Void

We all need advice sometimes, and who better to seek advice from than the yawning abyss; the gaping maw of oblivion; the endless, cascading nothingness that daily threatens to engulf us all? The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, the ceremony of innocence is drowned, etc. etc. Tune in for some good, solid pointers on how to deal. Written & directed by Davis Alianiello, sound by Matt McMurray, video by Zach Trebino. Featuring Andrew Clark, Molly Cohen, Helen Laser, Lyubomir Parushev, Cory Ringdahl, and Samantha Turret.

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