EXTRAS: How Megaways Slot Games Differ From Other Slots

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by Aveline MacQuoid on February 2, 2021

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How Megaways Slot Games Differ From Other Slots

Megaways games are the most popular slot games. These games have distinctive technology developed by Big Time Gaming. It is a game that has come to change the way we look at when we play mobile casino slot games generally. BTG sorted out ways to change the narrative of slot games and take it to the next level. The answer it got was Megaways.

What is Megaways Slot

Megaways slot is a game with ‘mega ways.’ These slot games have over a hundred thousand paylines. First developed by an Australian-based game producer, Big Time Gaming in 2015.  It then gained popularity in 2016 with the game, Bonanza Megaways. And has since grown to become the most popular slot games.

BTG a name for themselves with Megaways Slot games. It has since been licensed to other game developers too like Blueprint Gaming. Thereby creating more games from different gaming companies for slot lovers to play. The slot games tagged as “megaways” have a lot of exciting features that make players coming for more.

Differences between Megaways and other types of Slots

There are many differences between megaways slot and other slot types. These differences are what make the games stand out from other regular slot games. Some of which are,

  •         Different Outlook: Most slots have 5 reels and 3 rows. The uncommon ones have 4 rows and 5 reels. Megaways slots have risen the bar by creating slot games with even as much as 6 reels and 7 rows. This gives the games a different outlook and a different design pattern. Some games even have features that increase the number of rows they have. A good example is the white rabbit megaways slot. This slot game has up to 12 rows when the cupcake symbol appears on the reels. 
  •         Paylines: Megaways games have a huge number when it comes to ways of winning. The paylines of a game can be as much as 586,971. This is hundreds of thousands and is nice when compared with a normal traditional slot game that has about 9, 15, or 25 paylines. Imagine you have a slot with 7 rows and 6 reels. You’ll therefore have 7×7×7×7×7×7=117,649. This is the paylines of most Megaways slots.     
  •         Unlimited Multipliers: Multipliers increase your winnings. If you have say $50 as winnings and you have a 3× multiplier, your winnings are increased to 3×50=$150. Most slot games have 3×, 4×, or even 5× multipliers. While this in itself is thrilling, megaways slots have created a means for players to continually build up their multipliers.  With Megaways slot games you can have as much as 20×, 30×, and 50× multipliers. Some slots have unlimited multipliers and are not megaways, but, these are very few. 
  •         Action Packed Slot Game: After playing Megaways, you might find other regular slot games boring. This is because of the kind of action that this slot type is packed with. One of the numerous exciting actions is cascading reels. This gives you more winning chances by removing the symbols of a winning combo and replacing them with other symbols.

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