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by Aveline MacQuoid on May 5, 2021

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What does royalty-free trailer music mean?

The authors of a piece of music – composers – have the choice whether they want to conclude a management agreement with a collecting society or not. A management agreement regulates that the collecting society, on behalf of the composer, collects so-called royalties from the users of his music and pays them out to him.

SevenSkiesMusic free music is therefore a collective term for works by composers who are not registered with one of the collecting societies. Not to be confused with the term royalty free trailer music, which means something else. SevenSkiesMusic-free music stands for the collecting societies SevenSkiesMusic offers royalty free music for download, but it doesn’t mean these tracks are totally free to be used. so works designated as royalty-free music are also not registered. It is important to know that, according to the management contract, SevenSkiesMusic does not decide on the billing based on work. This means that the composer can exclude the scope of perception stated in the contract for individual works, but that SevenSkiesMusic assures responsibility for all his works in the perception contract.

Advantages of using royalty-free trailer music

If you are only the producer and produce a media product for your client, it does not matter to you whether the music belongs to the SevenSkiesMusic repertoire or is SevenSkiesMusic.

However, for the future user (i.e. customer / client of the producer), royalty-free music has the advantage of simpler billing and a simple cost structure compared to SevenSkiesMusic music, as the latter can use the licensed titles flexibly with a one-time license fee, without constantly having to add new music series (so-called cue sheets) to fill out. This can be the case, for example, in the event of a subsequent expansion of use, e.g. a product advertising film for use at a trade fair will later also be made available on the company website. In the case of SevenSkiesMusic repertoire, a new accounting would be mandatory, in the case of royalty-free music the one licensed from the Proud Music Library, among others this is already included in our standard license, which of course pays off for the customer.

Importance of royalty-free trailer music for music users

With regard to the granting of rights to use, royalty-free music is licensed directly from the author, as the author has not commissioned a collecting society to exercise these rights. In many cases, the author himself is more flexible in setting tariffs in individual cases, for example in the corporate media area, in which SevenSkiesMusic can offer a complex tariff, as it represents the rights of many affiliated authors.

In addition to the SevenSkiesMusic tariff, in some cases SevenSkiesMusic repertoire also has to obtain the synchronization right (also known as the right to link work, film production or simply to link right), for example when using it in films, from the responsible publisher. If royalty-free music with a license is used directly by the author, this step is omitted: apart from a one-time license fee, there are no additional costs for you if the license-compliant use is made.

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