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Actors and actresses that smoke marijuana

The cannabis industry is one that has become very big. The way people consume cannabis has evolved from the conventional smoking to many other methods of consumption and different products including edibles such as gummies, cookies and even beer, tinctures, topicals such as lotions and balms and pills and capsules. The negative stigma that was attached to marijuana has also started to fade away and the revolutionary herb is starting to be viewed in a more positive light, even being glorified by the medical industry for all the work it does treating the sick. One of the reasons the stigma is fading is because celebrities are being more open about smoking cannabis. Whether smoking a bong or rolling a joint, many of the more famous thespians enjoy marijuana I their downtime. If you are curious, here are a few actors and actresses that smoke cannabis.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. Apart from being a very successful world famous pop star, she is also an actress, starring in productions such as American Horror story and “A star is born” alongside Bradley Cooper. She rose to fame through her music but has become incredibly successful on screen winning an Oscar for her involvement in “A star is born”. She has been very vocal about her marijuana use even admitting to being addicted to it at one point in her life. The star claims that marijuana helps her deal with the emotional and physical stresses of being in the spotlight and she uses the herb to treat a condition she has called fibromyalgia which is a muscular disorder that causes pain, fatigue and mood issues. She also admits to smoking weed to stimulate her create energy when she is writing music. She is definitely not shy about her marijuana use and advocates for the herb.

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman is a Hollywood comedian and actress who has publicly claimed her love for marijuana. She writes and performs of Saturday Night Live and produced and starred in Comedy Central show ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’. She has released a book and also starred in many television shows and films throughout her career and has been nominated for many awards for her work. She is known to carry around a marijuana vape pen on the red carpet and had experienced her first time smoking weed with a celebrity with Seth Rogan. She even admits to smoking weed with her parents. It’s safe to say that Sarah Silverman is a fan of the popular herb stating that she smokes for fun.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is another Hollywood A-lister who uses marijuana. This actor has played a stoner in films like ‘Knocked up’ and ‘Pineapple Express’ but also is open about using marijuana in real life. He is famous for his roles in the movies ‘This is the end.’, ‘Funny people’ and ‘Bad neighbour’. Seth admits to smoking marijuana while writing and he has said that weed makes his daily life more manageable. In a 2019 interview Seth Rogen admits to being high “all day everyday” even while he is filming. This star is very proud and open about his marijuana use.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson is a Hollywood actor who has had famous roles in movies that include ‘Zombieland’, ‘Now you see me’, ‘The hunger games’ and Venom.  The famous actor is an advocate for marijuana legalization and is a member of the advisory board of the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws which is an organization that works to legalize responsible marijuana use and ensure safety and quality for users. He admits to having quit smoking for 2 years but started again after running into marijuana enthusiast Willy Nelson.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is an actor most famous for his role on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and admits to using weed to manage his health-related issues. He uses marijuana to manage symptoms of borderline personality disorder and Crohns disease and admits that he has smoked every day for 8 years.

Matthew McConaughey

Famous for his roles in the movies ‘Interstellar’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, this A-lister says that he came up with his famous catchphrase “alright, alright, alright” while he was “high as a kite” and smokes for pleasure.

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