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What your favorite Star Wars planet says about you

If you are a Star Wars fan, chances are you have some strong views on the franchise. Of course, every fan has their favorite characters, films, even lightsabers, but what captures the imagination is the prospect of living in the Star Wars universe for real. There is no shortage of lifestyles to choose from in such a sprawling and highly detailed galaxy – which has since been embellished with numerous off-shoot shows, films, novels, and comic books.

Naturally, because Star Wars exists in a huge galaxy, there are a number of iconic planets featured throughout the saga, each one loved or hated by fans for a variety of reasons.

There’s no doubt, however, that if you were to live within the Star Wars universe, you’d have a certain planet that you would want to live on above all others. Like real-life locations where you would choose to live in Star Wars says as much about your tastes as the planet itself.

This is what your favorite Star Wars planet says about you:

If you like the Forest Moon of Endor

Finding your favorite Star Wars planet is no easy task. Indeed, Betway Casino’s research on Star Wars planets proves that nowhere is perfect, but some come close.

One of the best-loved planets in the franchise is actually not a planet. If you choose the Forest Moon of Endor, you are likely a nature-lover who enjoys peaceful walks through quiet woodland without being disturbed all too often.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of living in a treehouse and cutting out the stress of the information age. If so, Endor is the planet for you.

If you like Naboo

A peaceful planet, Naboo is a strong choice if you like the finer things in life. Naboo natives are quiet, law-abiding, and respectful of their planet, so if you have a passion for environmentalism, this could be the place for you.

Similarly, if swimming is your favorite hobby, why not pay a visit to the Gungans at the bottom of the sea, although you might want to avoid Jar Jar Binks.

If you like Alderaan

Alderaan was the home planet of Princess Leia, so if you find yourself relating to her character in the movies, then you can be sure that you’d fit in on Alderaan.

If you like Alderaan, you are likely virtuous, a culture vulture, and knowledgeable about history and politics. It’s also great for hiking if that’s a passion of yours.

Just avoid the planet if you see a Death Star looming in the sky.

If you like Kashyyyk

Similar to Endor, you probably like Kashyyyk if you’re passionate about nature and big, furry animals who are either intensely loyal or violent.

If you like Coruscant

Coruscant dwellers tend to be street smart but urbane, balancing the highbrow world of interplanetary politics with the gritty underbelly of city life. So if working all day and partying all night appeals to you, check out Coruscant.

If you like Bespin 

If you are after a quiet life and want everything to be clean and tidy, you’re a Bespin lover. Home to Cloud City, Bespin is like a giant retirement home for the galaxy until Darth Vader comes to town.

If you like Tatooine

The people of Tatooine are either humble or downright devious, as there is a large population of thieves and criminals. If you like Tatooine, you probably crave adventure and don’t mind breaking the rules to find it.

If you like Hoth

Suffering from an icy demeanor? Then, the blizzard-ridden planet of Hoth could be the best place for you.

This is not an environment for the faint-hearted, though, and rewards only the brave and the reckless, with freezing temperatures and dangerous indigenous creatures.

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