Extras: No Deposit Bonus as the Main Offer in Casino 

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by Aveline MacQuoid on June 7, 2021

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No Deposit Bonus as the Main Offer in Casino 

A no deposit bonus is exactly what it means. A bonus is given to you without any money given in return. This is a common form of reward that is difficult to obtain. The requirements you need to meet to grab them are a little harder than other bonuses promoted by casinos. Even after qualifying, there are still some checks you need to tick. However, this is what makes them much more rewarding. Players will always want to gain something for free. When you free slots, it can mean even more fun and less stress. A no deposit bonus can give a player that much more reason to join.  

What Is a No Deposit Bonus? 

A no deposit bonus is when you are given rewards without depositing. Normally, a casino will ask you to give up something in return for a few extra gifts. Welcome packages will ask for a deposit so that you can be given free spins or match-up bonuses. A no deposit bonus will not involve giving money at all. However, there is a catch. The bonus money will be awarded if you can meet the requirements they ask for.  

These are called the wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is a promise by the player that you will bet with the money given. You can then bet with that money to meet further wagering requirements. Only then can you withdraw your winnings. For example, say if a no deposit bonus has wagering requirements of 20x. The amount of money they give you is C$20. That means that you need to win and wager 20x that amount before you can withdraw winnings.  

The reason for this is so that the casino can make money as well as the player. A casino needs to make a profit too. Otherwise, it wouldn’t stay in business for very long. Even if they want to, they cannot just hand out money for free all the time. The wagering requirements make sure that the player will be using this money for betting. That way, the player can’t just take the money and then leave the casino. You will also need a casino account to meet further qualifications. The casino will also need to verify you are a real player before handing you the money.  

Why Are They Popular? 

The bonus of being free is always something players look for. For those who want to make more money, this is a good way to maximize the total profit. By spending less money, you can make more money after meeting the wagering requirements. While it may seem daunting to meet these requests, it is pretty feasible. By not depositing any money, you aren’t risking your money in the first place. 

There is a reason why gamblers like playing the free slots. Sometimes they just want to enjoy games without having to worry about winning or losing. A no deposit bonus can do just that but remove the losing part. You can practically play a slot machine for free and still win money anyways. If you don’t feel comfortable with your skill in gambling, then you can try playing the official free version first. If you want to try winning, give a slot game a go with a no deposit bonus.  

Where to Find Them? 

Because of all these reasons why they are popular, they are used often in casino promotion. Many online casinos will have no deposit bonus offers promoted on their website. You will most commonly find them on review sites, for example, like this site. Those are the places where casinos advertise themselves. A no deposit bonus offer will be given as a way of getting you to try out this casino. The offer will include a link to the casino as well as to the bonus offer itself. With this no deposit bonus, you can also find more info on the casino that is offering.  

Special codes can be used to activate no deposit bonuses. This is a series of numbers or letters that you type into the casino itself. The place you can type it can be found on the register page. It could also be found on a different part of the website. The code will be given to you if you fulfill certain requirements. It could also be part of a special offer outside the casino. An example of this would be “BONUS2020”. Promo and coupon codes are a popular form of advertising to get the casino’s name out there. It is why it will normally be the main offer of an online casino.

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