by Aveline MacQuoid on July 26, 2021

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Can land-based casinos survive the massive growth of online gambling?

Gambling is one of the most played games of all time, and the inception of online casinos made it more widespread. With the innovation of safe payment methods such as casino ideal payment, online gambling fans increased rapidly. Although online and land casinos offer the same games, people who loved real casinos stayed loyal to them. And online gambling became the favorite platform for new players, but still, land casinos remain an emotion to many. But the current pandemic and related travel restrictions have changed the scenario. Read more to learn the changes that can happen to land casinos and online casinos in the near future.

Growth of Brick and Mortar Casinos

Casinos made their first appearance in the seventh century, and since then, it has made several people millionaires. For real gambling fans, casinos are not just about betting and money; it is also about the joy of meeting new people and having fun. Roulette, blackjack, poker, and other gambling games have made so many friends and enemies. As years went by, casinos underwent several changes; modern infrastructure, luxurious facilities, and easy payment options are a few of them. These attracted more and more people into casinos, and slowly from being a place for betting and alcohol, casinos became a tourist attraction. People started visiting casinos with family on their vacations, but none of this was an easy step for casinos. Several national and international regulatory bodies imposed restrictions from time to time on casinos. Countries including the UAE, Japan, and Cambodia banned gambling games, while North Korea and some other countries allow gambling only for tourists. Today, the US and France are two of the countries that have the most casinos. The respective governments are earning a good amount of revenue from them.

When gambling games made their appearance on websites, several people debated their effect on land casinos. The debates went on and on, and both online and land casinos rapidly grew day by day. The real villain of land casinos came in 2019 when Covid-19 hit the world; while casinos remained closed online gambling’s popularity grew.

Online casinos

Online gambling made its first emergence in the mid 1990’s, and since then, gambling became a more accessible game to many. Other than the digitized version of casino games, online gambling also paved the way for online sports betting. Presently sports betting is one of the most popular games people engage in to spend time and earn money. Gamblers are as excited as sports players for different sports games these days, thanks to online sports betting.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of online gambling platforms; the most important one is the possibility of winning money. Even when there are chances of losing the game and cash, people still play it hoping that they might win. Another prominent reason is that people can play the game within the comfort of their bedrooms which real casinos cannot offer. The versatility of the games and the different safe payment options are another reason why online gambling receives this acceptance.

The future of gambling

In this era of the internet and digital technology, it is sure that online gambling has a great place in the future. But this doesn’t mean that it is the end of land casinos; both are highly different in their functionality. While land casinos give their players a good holiday experience, online gambling provides some hours of comfort in a busy life. Once the travel restrictions are completely over and people start vacationing, casinos will also be live again. Until then, play online gambling games and enjoy your life. 

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