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Best movies based on the game of chance

Movies and theatre are a reflection of society. Art does not see anything through the glass of vice and virtue. It portrays whatever goes on extraordinarily in the lives of ordinary people. Truth be told, how boring everything would be without the spice of dramatics making our movies larger than life. However, online games at judi online come with movie inspired themes too.

The heart doesn’t lament what the eye doesn’t see. Features films have been regarded as mediums that affect human emotions the most. So, we have created a list of movies on gambling to stir up your monotonous lives a bit. Fill your tumblers with classic butter popcorn and coke, and let’s venture into the glitz and glamour of gambling.

Casino- 1995

The blockbuster movie was the brainchild of the legendry director, Martin Scorsese. Starring Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone, the movie is based on Nicholas Pileggi’s book. The plot surrounds the life events of Ace, De Niro. Ace is the manager of Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas. His mob bosses appoint him to overlook the gambling business. He is a former sports handicapper. Nicky, an enforcer, keeps creating troubles for Sam and business. Ace finally marries, and Ginger, Stone and they both have a daughter. Things start to go south when Sam loses his license and Ginger starts an affair with Nicky. With unfortunate turns of events, Ginger dies, mafia bosses are arrested, and Nicky is killed. The movie ends with Ace working as a sports handicapper, building his life from square one again.

The Croupier- 1998

The movie could have won an Oscar, but it was disbanded from the Oscars because it has violated two rules. It was aired on the Dutch television show and was premiered in Singapore before 1 January 2000. However, the Clive Owen starrer was a massive success otherwise. The movie tells the life of Jack Manfred, who has joined as a croupier in a casino and fatefully breaks many professional rules while working there. He befriends a croupier who cheats, starts an affair with a fellow lady croupier and conspires with a player to help her in a robbery. Things do not go as planned, and he thinks he has to return the money to the player. To his utter astonishment, the player carried out the robbery successfully. He also finds that his job was always a part of this bigger plan hatched by his hustler father, who too benefitted from the crime.

Casino Royale- 2006

Bond always bets on 7 in roulette and never loses whether he is played by Daniel Craig, Pierce Bronson or Sean Connery. The movie’s plot is too contorted to be explained in brief, but the Casino Royale game is worth mentioning. Bond enters a grand Texas hold’em Tournament organized by Le Chiffre, and the man Bond is after. He is accompanied by Vesper Lynd, who helps bond for a $10 million buy-in. The game unfolds, and Bond starts to win after deducing Chiffre’s tell. Valenka, his lover, tries to kill Bond by poisoning his martini. He is revived by Vesper and returns to the game-winning $115 million.

Ocean’s Eleven – 2001

The movie is quite a catch because of its cast. It has George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in the lead roles. The movie is about love, betrayal and Vengeance. The plan is to rob MGM Grand, the Bellagio, and the Mirage at once. All three casinos are owned by Terry Benedict, who is engaged with Tess. Tess is a former lover of Danny Ocean, Clooney. He and his team of 11 people hatch a plan to make a fool of Terry in believing that the robbers will blow all the cash in the casino. Terry tries to transfer the cash with the help of the SWAT team. He later finds that the cash was never blown, and he has been tricked as the footage he saw was not from his vault but a practice vault made by robbers. Danny also tricks him into saying Terry would trade his girlfriend Tess, played by Roberts, with money. Tess leaves Danny, and they unite after the latter comes out of the prison.

The Gambler – 2014

The Mark Wahlberg starrer is based on the 1974 movie of the same name by James Toback. It is a story of an English teacher who has accumulated vast debts due to his gambling habit. Her mother reluctantly gives her money to settle off his debt as he has been given an ultimatum by Lee, proprietor of an underground gambling ring. But he gambles all away with his girlfriend, who is later kidnapped by Baraka, a loan shark to whom Jim owes money. He is forced to convince Lamar, his student, to win in the basketball game with 7 or fewer points. Lamar succeeds, and Jim saves Amy. Later, he comes to play roulette to play of his debt or die in case he loses. He wins, and the movie ends on a positive note.

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