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Tickets for Best Performing Theater Shows and Concerts

Following are some top theater shows and concerts that everyone should consider to visit.

Frozen The Musical

Frozen the musical is a contemporary musical featuring songs and music by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Luzner and is directed by Jennifer Lee. The musical is about the romance between two teenage sisters who are Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, princesses from faraway lands. Though the movie’s plot is fantasy and inspired by many different myths and legends, it is set in present time, during the wintertime. The songs are meant to be sentimental and beautiful, with the themes ranging from love and friendship to death and grief. Chicago Frozen the musical has been receiving warm reviews from critics since its release last March, and although some audience members have criticized the Disney character designs and the plot, the movie’s success is due mostly to the powerful performances of Jennifer Lee and Robert Lopez.

To Kill A Mockingbird

“To Kill A Mocking Bird” is the first installment of a fantasy thriller by Basement novels co-author, Miguel Lopez De Leon. The premise of this story, as the title suggests, is to learn what happens when one of those maddeningly persistent writers gets his way. To Kill A Mocking Bird Broadway tickets are on sale now. Get your Broadway musical tickets and go with family. Interspersed with traditional Spanish language scenes, which range from well-written dialogues to well-phrased sentences, we are introduced to an intriguing new character, Hector Ortiz, a writer for the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta. Alongside him, we meet several members of his staff, including his butler, Diego de la Torre, and his new secretary, Carolina.

Cirque du Soleil O

The Cirque du Soleil O is a spectacular and amazing production, which is the creation of Cirque du Soleil. It is an animated series about a young man who gets trapped in an impossible musical fairyland called the Neverland, with his friend Lapa. They are transformed into creatures called “Soleils” and the adventure of their quest to get back to the real world continues as they learn more about the strange land called Neverland. This show has won many awards and has been made into several feature length animated films.

Cincinnati Music Festival

Each year, the famous Cincinnati Music Festival attracts a great mix of the most popular modern and old school R & B music artists to its magnificent stage. Each year the festival brings together a like-minded group of people like you to celebrate the best music ever made! If not Broadway then there is another Cincinnati Festival option in Houston area. Tickets4festival is selling festival tickets online.  The world-famous Cincinnati Music Festival provides an outstanding opportunity for bands, solo artists, ensembles and other musicians from any genre imaginable to perform in front of an amazing live audience. Come see what spectacular talent does on a warm spring afternoon. You’ll see why so many people come back each year.

Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots is a sensual musical with sexy lyrics and music by Cyndi Lauper. The first single off of her second album, This Time, was also produced by Lauper along with background music for the film, Soulmate. Kinky Boots tells the story of a young woman who gets out of a relationship she had because of one big problem-she was too vanilla. Her new album, Kinky Boots, will definitely be worth a listen!

Dierks Bentley

Riding ‘The Red Mullet’ is Dierks Bentley’s love parody of 90s country music. The album cover is a picture of a train full of cars sitting on top of a mountain range. In my opinion this would be the theme for the album cover, except for the fact that there is actually a mountain range in Australia. There’s a very pretty girl with short hair in the distance. She is looking at something that she is carrying in her hands and it’s a red berry which is probably a rose berry. On the title-page, the girl is asking “Don’t Go Away, Come Here to Me” and the lyrics go something like this:

The Lehman Trilogy

Winner of 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture, The Lehman Trilogy by Woody Allen is one of the more accomplished works by this celebrated American actor. A lyrical and meditation on life, The Lehman Trilogy includes eight films, the first of which won him an Academy Award for Best Director. With a cast that includes Mark Lenox, John Lithgow, Walter Matthau, Merle Ginsberg, Sidney Poitier, and Barbara Hershey, The Lehman Trilogy is a mark of excellence for Woody Allen, a much heralded and much-loved figure in American cinema. With the possibility of another of his movies receiving an Oscar nod, The Lehman Trilogy is sure to be around for a long time.

Pepe Aguilar

Pepe Aguilar is a well-known, best-selling, independent Mexican musician, singer, and producer. His first album, titled Open Range, sold high enough to earn him a spot on the “Best Albums” list of The APE 500. His music has been consistent year after year sellouts for over two decades, topping the genre in both sales and audience. Get your Pepe Aguilar concert tickets from Ticket2concert. Pepe’s sound is distinctive, energetic, and positive-leaning but with a hint of humor and musicality. He is currently following up his highly successful first album with an even bigger effort, entitled Unconditional, due out in 2021.

Pretty Woman the Musical

Pretty Woman is based on one of the most enduring and classic movies about a pretty woman who moves into a big house with a bunch of her friends. There’s a scene where the Pretty Woman asks her friend, “What should we get for dinner?” to which her friend replies, “What you want?” This exchange captures the essence of what a pretty woman is: independent, self-sufficient, and quite capable of throwing a shade on any situation. In many ways, she is the perfect person to waltz into a room and start eating dinner, because she has the perfect beauty, the perfect touch of poise and style. She’s the perfect Pretty Woman.

A Magical Cirque Christmas

A Magical Cirque Christmas is designed for all ages and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Featuring the finest talent in the world, A Magical Cirque Christmas puts you in control of a magical Christmas. Using the power of love, this musical holiday shows you how to bring someone’s true love right to you, right where they are. With beautiful original songs and the most amazing talent on earth, A Magical Cirque Christmas is the perfect choice for your family or office Christmas party.

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