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Flowers are a well-known symbol of a declaration of love, respect, and admiration. Large-scale events and intimate family gatherings would be impossible to imagine without a bunch of flowers. When someone wants to say thank you or sorry, they use flowers. However, it makes no difference where you are in the world; you can always use flower delivery even if your loved one is thousands of kilometers away. Flower shop delivery dubai, flower delivery in Norway or Australia, or flower delivery in any other country – all of them will assist you in your desire to make someone you love happier.

Floral elements inspire many designers and stylists to create wonderful collections that astound us at fashion shows. Famous artists and photographers utilize them in their installations. Roses, carnations, violets, orchids, and other photogenic flowers can be seen on magazine covers and even in films. For flowers, nothing seems to be impossible. They become symbols of the main characters or secret signs, convey the atmosphere and decorate the frame.

Which flowers are frequently seen and have gained popularity in films?


Rose is a flower known all over the globe. The recognized symbol of devotion and passion has repeatedly appeared in the frame. A bucket including this flower is undoubtedly among the best no-fail gifts for your beloved one. Here is the list of some movies in which the royal flower had a significant role:

  1.  “Beauty and the Beast”

Following the production of a Disney cartoon based on Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, there were also two films. Both movies continued to tell the story of a miraculous flower growing in the garden of the Beast despite the adjustments the directors made and their interpretation of the traditional version.

  1. “Beastly”

It is an excellent film for teens and offers a contemporary version of the tale of “Beauty and the Beast”. Vanessa Ann Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer are starring in this movie. Rose was given the part in this modern version of the traditional fairy tale.

  1. “Alice In Wonderland”

It is a movie adaptation of the famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll, by the talented director Tim Burton. Bright colors, wonderful graphics, and an outstanding cast: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, and the inimitable Helena Bonham Carter as the evil queen who made young Alice Kingsley dye white roses red.


The sunflower is a symbol of the sun, joy, and prosperity. This flower is popular in many countries.

  1. “Oz: the Great and Powerful”

It is a bright fairy tale from Disney. There is a lot of greenery and flowering forests, costumes, and headdresses of the inhabitants of a magical land are also decorated with flowers, but sunflowers can be considered one of the brightest plants caught in the frame. The Wizard of Oz and Theodora the Witch (played by James Franco and Mila Kunis) look great among these sunny flowers.


The orchid is a symbol of respect and prosperity, recognition, and admiration, individuality and strength. Many people use it as a decoration to make their apartments cozier and bring mindfulness to their homes.

  1. “The Great Gatsby”

A bright, colorful, and unforgettable film (director Baz Luhrmann) brought together brilliant actors – Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Joel Edgerton. It is filmed on the base of the novel by American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Each frame here is beautiful, and wonderful orchids complement and convey the mood of luxury.

  1. “Colombiana”

This is a film about the life of Cataleya (Zoe Saldana). In the desire to take revenge, the girl becomes a killer, and, finding her offenders one by one, she leaves her message – an orchid. The slogan of this film is “Revenge can be beautiful.”


The peony is a magnificent flower with a unique aroma symbolizing prosperity.

  1. “Marie Antoinette”

This is a biography film about the French Queen Marie Antoinette (Kirsten Dunst). How did the fate of the young queen develop and what events led to the horrifying ending? The story of Marie Antoinette unfolded among the luxury of Versailles, jewelry, dresses, and, of course, flowers. The main role here was played by peonies.


These prefabricated floral arrangements and simple flowers also played their part. Some bouquets can convey the state of the main characters, others – emphasize their tenderness and fragility.

  1. “Twilight”

This is a film adaptation of a series of novels by Stephenie Meyer that tells the story of impossible love between a vampire and an ordinary girl. In several parts, lovers – Bella and Edward, are talking among wildflowers, which here emphasizes the fragility of the main character.

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