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by Aveline MacQuoid on September 28, 2022

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How To Cite A Movie In an Essay

Films tend to be rich material for writing an article. Even if your assignment isn’t devoted to a film or TV show, you can cite a movie to make your document more vivid. The movie is an artistic piece that is so well-loved among the public, foremost thanks to the comprehensive material they cover. Mentioning them brings extra information into a research paper.

Many students have difficulty referring to a film. No wonder, as this kind of reference requires setting a specific format. Let’s explore the inherent features of movie citation for not anymore to avoid mentioning a film in your papers.

Why To Cite a Movie

What is actually a citation? What do we mean when talking about it? A citation includes a specially defined method to make a reference. Once you have an information piece you include in your writing, you should refer to it. This will demonstrate to your readers that the data, description, definition, or quote comes not out of your head but from a different channel.

Besides the ethical part, citation also provides the necessary details to locate and find the source you cite. References are generally given on a References list, which is a separate page. Learning correct citing is crucial for completing an assignment that would meet all the requirements.

Citing Movies in Different Formats

Citation of a movie is sometimes more complex than a referral to books or articles. On top of that, these citations differ depending on the academic styles used. Various styles demand different options. Generally, no mention of the film format is needed, but you may specify it. In addition, it can be helpful to consult paperwriter reviews to find reliable academic writing assistance for your essay. These reviews provide insights into the quality and reliability of different writing services, ensuring you make an informed choice.

We’ll show you what is correct motion picture citing in academic work. It’s not that difficult if you know the algorithm. Though, the data you may need to include cannot always be easily available. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and force searching, ask paperell.net. This is a trusted service for providing reliable academic support for students. 

How to Cite a Movie in APA

In the author section, introduce the director. For the publisher, use the film-making production company. The movie title is italicized and followed by the words “Motion picture” in square brackets. If you mention the picture in the text, add the director’s name and the production date. The timestamp is put when referring to a certain scene. 

This is how it shall look like:

Quefféléan, A. Decraene, F.-X.(Producers), & Iosseliani, O. (Director). (1989). Et la lumière fut [Motion picture]. France: CNC.

How to Cite a Movie in MLA

Works Cited section in MLA style shall contain the director, title, production company, and the year the picture was released. When it comes to earlier and later releases, indicate the very version you are referring to. Adding the original release date is optional and becomes important if you need to show the historical perspective.

If there are numerous authors, put the picture title first, followed by the director’s name. Other contributors may also be mentioned if this information is relevant to your study. A costume director, photography director or soundtrack writer may be specified with their positions and names.

It may be that you watched a picture online. This applies both to video-sharing hubs and streaming services. You should then show it in your article by adding the resource name coupled with its URL address. No further info is needed in such a case.

How to Cite a Movie in Chicago Style

Here, any contributor whose mention is important for your study comes first. This includes actors, composers, producers, dialogue writers, etc. In Chicago format, positions shall be omitted. The motion picture title goes after in italics, followed by naming a means containing a copy of the picture (DCD, Laser Disc, or VHS). You shall introduce the movie’s directors after the wording “Directed by”.

See the sample:

Romer, Dan. Luca. Directed by Enrico Casarosa. Screenplay by Jesse Andrews, Mike Jones. Performances by Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 2021.

How to Increase the Quality of Your Essay

If your task is to create a powerful and convincing study on motion pictures, you should consider what picture to choose. This is probably the first thing you should narrow down to. Specialized resources dedicated to cinematography may help you here. 

If your assignment is to write about cowboys, you should look for westerns. If you need to demonstrate the gamblers’ universe, pictures of casinos are obviously what you have to search for. Divorce melodramas filmed in Italy, seashore pictures, or Audrey Hepburn’s best scenes are examples of further categories you may want to explore.

After you define what to tell about, master the basic terms and definitions. Do an outline, and read the works of others to understand what similar essays look like.

Mind that referencing is crucial for an academic assignment. Remember, the data you need to include differs across formats.

Final Thoughts

Citation in research works or essays is required for referencing. Details of the cited artworks shall be arranged in an order required by different academic styles. The procedure for making referrals is not the strength of a wide number of students, frankly speaking.

However, the art of making citations can be mastered. You should carefully read what data is needed for a certain format. Collect this data from designated websites or hard copies of picture releases and organize them in a way to meet the requirements. Check with the samples, edit the mistakes you may have made, and – here you go!

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