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The Great Gatsby is a novel that has been made into two movies; one in 1926 and another in 2013. Both movies are based on the book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. While the book is considered to be a classic, the movies have received mixed reviews.

Online reference on The Great Gatsby 

When it comes to writing college essays on The Great Gatsby, there are several topics to consider. You could discuss the role of money in the novel or the way that Fitzgerald uses symbols to create meaning. Alternatively, you could analyze one of the book’s main characters, such as Gatsby or Daisy, or explore the role of gender in the novel. 

Fitzgerald’s writing style helps to bring the era to life for modern readers. In addition, the novel’s themes of love, betrayal, and greed continue to resonate with readers today. As a result, it is no wonder that so many college students choose to write essays on The Great Gatsby. 

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The storyline 

It narrates the story of a rich man by the name of Jay who is obsessed with his married lady love, Daisy Buchanan, with whom he has an affair. But they are unable to be united due to their social classes. The story tragically ends with his death and the lady driving off with her husband. 

Scott Fitzgerald wrote the novel The Great Gatsby and published the book in the year 1925 against the roaring twenties backdrop. It is praised for its social commentary on the Jazz Age, which is filled with ambition and hope for the great American dream. It remains the most widely-read and popular book of the century. 

The Great Gatsby is considered a great novel in America and has been adapted into a couple of films. In 1974, it was adapted into a movie of the same name starring Mia Farrow and Robert Redford. The recent movie adaptation release was in 2013, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It received praise for its soundtrack and visuals. 

The Great Gatsby differences between the movie and book 

One of the most obvious differences is that the book is told from the perspective of Nick Carraway, while the movie focuses on Gatsby himself. As a result, the book provides a more nuanced portrait of Gatsby, delving into his past and motivations for throwing lavish parties to win over Daisy Buchanan. 

The movie paints Gatsby as a somewhat one-dimensional figure, emphasizing his wealth without fully exploring his character. Critics of The Great Gatsby book point out another difference between the two versions. And that is that the book contains a much more detailed account of Gatsby’s relationship with Daisy, while the movie glosses over this part of the story. 

The Great Gatsby movies comparison 

While The Great Gatsby scenes in the movie were well-received, it was not without their critics. Some viewers, when comparing The Great Gatsby movie vs book, felt that it strayed too far from the original novel, while others complained that it was simply too long. 

However, there are also many similarities between the book and the movie. Both tell the story of Jay Gatsby, a wealthy man who is obsessed with a former flame. Both versions make use of flashbacks to fill in Gatsby’s backstory, and both include a tragic ending. And there is no denying that both versions capture the essence of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel. 

Should students watch the movie? 

There are many reasons why students should watch the movie. First, it can help them to better understand the book. The film provides a visual representation of the characters and settings, which can be helpful for students who are struggling to picture them in their minds. Additionally, the film can give students a deeper understanding of the plot and themes. 

The Great Gatsby is simply a great movie. It is well-acted and well-crafted, and it provides an enjoyable experience for viewers of all ages. For all these reasons, students should watch The Great Gatsby movie. 


The Great Gatsby is a great read of all time that captures the imagination of the reader and resonates at every level. If you’re looking for a more traditional take on the story, then go with the 1974 film. However, if you’re open to seeing The Great Gatsby in a new light, then check out the 2013 adaptation.

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