by John Todd on January 13, 2023

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What are the most common volleyball injuries?

Volleyball is a very entertaining sport that many people love to play. At this moment 1xBet provides live cricket bets online, which are the perfect companion for some fantastic volleyball wagers.

Unfortunately, those who practice this discipline are not immune from suffering certain injuries. The parts of the body that suffer the most from this activity include:

  • ankles;
  • hands;
  • knees;
  • shoulders;
  • and the lower back.

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The ankles

Ankles are by far the part of the body of a volleyball player that suffers the most. In fact, according to many statistics, approximately 40% of all injuries sustained by players of this sport affect this part of the body. Don’t forget to bet on sports at 1xBet online bookies, which also provide the best odds in volleyball matches and other disciplines.

The main problem with ankles is when players accidentally land over the foot of another player after they jump. This can immediately cause a sprain, and in the worst cases, it can even cause a rupture of the ligaments. At this moment you can visit the 1xBet online bookies, at which it will be possible to bet on sports of all kinds, including volleyball of course.

Other injuries

The hands of volleyball players can also suffer injuries from time to time. Fingers are especially vulnerable in situations like blocking and setting. These situations can result in dislocations, sprains, tendon ruptures and even fractures. The 1xbet.in/line/volleyball online bookmaker can be a great platform in which the best volleyball players can be wagered on.

Knees also suffer a lot. This is because volleyball players need to jump a lot. There are problems that can develop over time, such as the so-called jumper’s knee. This is a situation when the patellar tendon suffers from chronic inflammation.

Shoulders can also start to present problems to volleyball players. This is because they need to make a lot of movements with their arms in order to serve and block balls. Also, the repeated movement between extreme positions also creates stress in muscles and ligaments. This can even result in problems with the cartilages, which in some occasions might need surgical treatment.

In general, volleyball is an amazing sport that anybody can practice. With a few precautions, those kinds of injuries can be prevented. The 1xBet website is an amazing platform that punters and volleyball fans can use to wager on lots of matches of this discipline.

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