by John Todd on August 22, 2023

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1. Low degree of automation leads to higher probability of mis-operation.

At present, the routine enterprise operation and maintenance mostly depends on manual work, so even in simple and repeated work, the probability of wrong operation increases exponentially.

With the increase of enterprise business, the number of IT equipment and operation and maintenance work will increase simultaneously. However, considering the personnel establishment and cost, the enterprise’s IT staffing cannot meet the operation and maintenance demand.

This will lead to high working pressure and increase the probability of mis-operation. In addition, the stability of IT personnel is low, and new employees are more likely to mis-operate when their skills and familiarity with the business are limited.

Therefore, by replacing a large number of repetitive and complicated routine manual operations with automatic operations, the probability of mis-operation will be reduced; At the same time, this is also the development trend of IT operation and maintenance.

2. Lack of effective resource management makes operation and maintenance inefficient.

To provide good IT operation and maintenance services, spoto enterprise certification enterprises first need to timely collect, classify and update the information of various service objects from related computer room resources, physical resources, platform resources, virtual resources, application resources to data resources.

In case of changes, incalculable losses will be caused once relevant resource information that may be affected cannot be accurately known in advance.

If you cannot know the existing system performance, storage and network conditions when undertaking business, it will become empty talk to get the going.

When purchasing new equipment to build a new computer room, enterprises will make wrong decisions and waste investment if they cannot understand how busy the current computing resources are. Therefore, only complete and accurate resource management can greatly improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

3. Risk assessment and emergency preparedness become mere formality, which makes it hard to deal with real risks.

It is undeniable that enterprises are paying more and more attention to risk assessment and consider the issue of business continuity; However, few enterprises can really start from the real business, consider all possible risks and give corresponding countermeasures, and insist on drilling.

First of all, risk assessment requires that the operation and maintenance team have or coordinate the resources to understand the business needs, and can make a correct judgment on the risk, especially not to omit the problems that they think will not occur or have a small probability. Generally, it is a risk with large loss.

Secondly, the risk can be classified and graded reasonably to provide a recovery plan that the enterprise can afford. The plan is for IT department, the business department, the marketing department, the legal department and other departments.

Finally, in order to ensure the feasibility of the recovery plan, it is necessary to exercise regularly, summarize and improve the plan in a timely manner. The more authentic the risk simulation, the more credible the effect of the exercise. Of course, enterprises should be well prepared to bear the new risks brought by the exercise and the related costs. Risk emergency preparedness in a mere formality will only lead to no ability to deal with real risks when they come.

Whether or not we can respond to the change of business requirements quickly is the biggest factor to judge the value of IT.

The last problem is that IT operation and maintenance personnel can’t just immerse themselves in pulling cars without paying attention to the road conditions. The objective of operation and maintenance is to ensure the smooth operation of the business, so it is necessary to maintain agile awareness when business requirements change, and make corresponding adjustments accordingly.

However, the managers of IT operation and maintenance are often entangled with specific things such as daily changes, failures and emergencies. Moreover, most of the managers are technical personnel and prefer to study professional issues. They are easy to lost in the busy work but ignore the ultimate goal. In fact, starting from the planning of operation and maintenance work, we should aim at the target design of business planning.

It is also necessary to keep close communication with the business department in the specific work, and determine the operation and maintenance guarantee work is also required in the business work.

When the business requirements change, the IT operation and maintenancedepartment should take the initiative to understand the changes and make positive adjustments. The success of operation and maintenance is the success of business.


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