by Nia Liat on September 22, 2023

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People love to go out and watch dance performances. From competitions to social events for everyone, dance events are becoming more popular. However, thoughtful planning of your dance event is the only key to achieving your goals. 

Nevertheless, organizing the perfect dance event doesn’t need to be difficult. With a solid plan and upfront arrangements, you can host an event that blows the audience away. Thus, today we will share some top tips on how to set up and promote your dance performance event. Read on and host a perfect dance event. 

Setting up your dance performance event

There are many things to consider when setting up a dance event. Thinking out of the box for your event can always reap rewards. Therefore, we will provide you with tips that will help you set up your event effortlessly. 

Come up with a show-stopping idea

The first step is to pick a concept. Dance performances are more accessible than ever. People are looking forward to fun and joyful experiences. Whether your discipline is contemporary, ballet, or interpretive, you should stand out from the crowd. Lay out your ideas and sort them through. Pick the best one and turn it into a show. You can also take inspiration from others. Go out and watch as many performances as you can. 

Build a budget

It takes money to put on a show. Knowing how much you can spend on your dance event is essential. Therefore, build a budget by factoring all the necessary cores required for a dance event. Once you have a draft, it’s important to track all costs and keep updating your budget as you progress toward the event. Seeking multiple quotes for resources such as venues, catering, and technology might help you spend a little less. 


There are several options for a dance performance venue. You will need to find the right one for your style of event. You may decide on a traditional, large proscenium theater. Just make sure that whatever venue you choose can comfortably accommodate your audience. A unique venue can make your dance performance event more inspiring and memorable. 

Hosting the event

A dance performance event is an opportunity to showcase your style of dance. However, doing it the right way requires extra preparation.

A dance event featuring live music can enhance the experience of your audience. Thus, hire live musicians or musical accompaniment that fits your chosen style of dance. You can look for a band, a professional singer, or even a solo artist. 

Try to find high-quality costumes and sets. Find a costume store that can provide costumes that keep everyone looking the part. You can provide a backdrop or a full set for your dancers. Consider your options and decide on what’s best for you. 

Rehearsing before the big day is always helpful. While performers can rehearse in their own environment, it is better to practice at least once in the actual event venue. However, ensure to include a rehearsal time slot in your venue agreement. 

How to promote a dance event

Now that you know how to set up a dance performance event, it’s time to start promoting it. A great dance event is nothing without an engaging audience. Therefore, your plan should include effective promotional strategies that can build people’s interest in your event. 

Write your best description

Ticket sales for your dance performance event start with an exceptional event description. Your description should be concise yet engaging. This will make your guests aware of what exactly they are signing up for. Moreover, make sure to not forget to mention any pre-event requirements or safety considerations in your description. 

Promotion through the venue

Your venue is something that can speak up for your dance performance event. Put out posters on its marketing boards, website, and social media. When you promote your event through your venue, there are high chances for you to reach your target audience. Even with a small budget, you can create an eye-catching poster. Use theater poster templates on PosterMyWall and design attractive posters for promotions through your venue.

Social media

Create an event on Facebook and announce your dance event on social media. Encourage people to share and invite their family and friends. All of this helps to create a buzz around the event. 

If you are hesitant to use social media, take this opportunity to create a business account on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You can even try TikTok to promote your event. Make sure to analyze the target audience for each platform before creating your posts.

Advertise your dance performance event

Your dance event promotion strategy should include advertising. One way to do it is by promoting the event through paid social media advertisements. You can also reach out to similar businesses with flyers and posters to expand your reach. This can even work if you are low on budget. Design posters for musicals using PosterMyWall and advertise your event cost-effectively. 

Work with influencers

People follow influencers and take their recommendations. Therefore, working with influencers always works when it comes to promoting a public event. Work with people who you think can promote your dance event. Ask them to post a story about your dance event. This could be a social media influencer or a prominent figure in the dance community. 

You can also work with influencers by inviting them to your dance event. Invite them and make sure to mention it in your advertisements. It will be surprising how people would attend an event just to see their favorite influencer. 


If you have access to emails by any chance, send out an email announcing your event. Try to make them attractive and compelling. Make it easy for people to share your event. Let it be forwarding your newsletter or sharing the event details on their social media. 

Follow up

Lastly, send a thank-you email to everyone who came to the event. Take any footage from the event and create a promotional reel. Follow-ups will come in handy when you will host your next dance event. 

Make your dance performance event a success

There are undoubtedly many parts to hosting a successful dance performance event. However, we hope these simple strategies will give you a good head start in setting up and promoting your event. Act in accordance and host a dance event that you and your audience will remember for a lifetime. 

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