Album Recommendation: THE DEEPEST BREATH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Nainita Desai)

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by Connor McCormick on October 2, 2023


Lakeshore Records has released The Deepest Breath—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally with an original score by Emmy-winning composer Nainita Desai (The Reason I Jump). Desai captures the beauty, thrill and danger of the sport with music that weaves strings, keys and vocalizations into an enthralling mix. The film is streaming now on Netflix. Purchase or stream here.

Descending to remarkable depths below the sea on one single breath, Alessia Zecchini enters what she describes as the last quiet place on Earth. The Italian champion is determined to set a new world record in freediving, a dangerous extreme sport in which competitors attempt to reach the greatest depth without the use of scuba gear. Freedivers are often subject to blackouts upon ascent, necessitating the help of safety divers like Stephen Keenan, a free-spirited Irish adventurer who fell in love with the sport in Dahab, Egypt. Having formed a special bond on the freediving circuit, Alessia and Stephen train together to make an attempt on Dahab’s legendary Blue Hole and its challenging 85-foot-long tunnel 184 feet below the Red Sea, their fates inextricably bound together.

Notes Desai: “Given the gorgeous seascapes and enormous stakes in this story, combined with the deeply interior nature of the freediver’s journey, the music had to traverse a wide emotional spectrum.

The score weaves together the parallel stories of Alessia and Stephen, capturing the thrilling danger of the sport whilst also capturing their nascent relationship against a stunning underwater backdrop. In the film, we experience so much of the extremes of the sport and the emotions of life and love; I also tried to capture the immersiveness of the beauty, the stillness, and the perils of the deep, particularly so in the title track where you hear the force of nature with the thundering drums and the intimacy of the sole human diver captured with the breathy vocals.”


Track List
01. I Feel Alive (The Deepest Breath)
02. Alessia’s Dream
03. Stephen The Explorer
04. Alessia The Prodigy Pt.1
05. Stephen’s Mum
06. See The World
07. Alessia The Prodigy Pt.2
08. Robocop
09. Africa
10. Arrive In Dahab
11. Into The Arch
12. Natalia 101 Meters
13. Blackouts
14. Competing
15. Safety
16. Alexey’s Rescue
17. Stephen The Hero
18. The Race To 100
19. Natalia’s Accident
20. Dahab Freedivers
21. Vertical Blue
22. Nic Mevoli
23. Protocols
24. Red Card
25. Stephen Trains Alessia
26. Two Dives Left
27. Hanako 100
28. Alessia 102
29. Announcements
30. The Final Day
31. Hanako 103
32. Alessia Attempts 104
33. Out Of The Dark
34. Love in Dahab, Pt. 1
35. Love in Dahab, Pt. 2
36. The Vigil
37. Stephen and Alessia’s Dreams
38. I Feel Alive (Instrumental)
Acclaimed with three Emmy nominations and an Emmy 2022 win, Nainita Desai is an RTS and World Soundtrack Awards 2021 winner for Discovery of the Year. A double BIFA and Cinema Eye Honors nominee; BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and IFMCA Breakthrough Composer of the year 2019, Nainita was described by Empire magazine as one of the top 5 composers to watch for 2022 and won the Women In Film & TV Award for Creative Technology 2022. She has recently garnered MPSE Golden Reel, ASCAP, SCL, GANG, and Develop nominations for her score for acclaimed video game Immortality.

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