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by Lamont Williams on October 20, 2023

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The world of video games has not only captivated players with immersive gameplay and stunning graphics but has also inspired unique and creative theatre events. From live performances to musicals and action films, video games have become a source of inspiration for theatrical productions that bring the virtual world to life on stage.

In this article, we will explore the top nine theatre events based on video games that have amazed audiences and pushed the boundaries of storytelling.

These events showcase the incredible creativity and innovation that can arise when gaming and theatre intersect, providing an unforgettable experience for fans and enthusiasts alike.

One Night Live

One Night Live was a live performance that took place in 2014. The event’s staging was meant to recognize and honor the remastered version of the game The Last of Us.

Neil Druckman directed this performance and was also the game’s writer and director. It accentuated voiceovers drawn from the game’s leads- Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker alongside other cast representatives.

This performance had an original epilogue that was never made known to the public and featured specific scenes from the game.

Grand Theft Ovid

This was a 2010 performance by Eddie Kim where he reproduced tales from Ovid’s metamorphoses with a peculiar style and digital characters. In the performance, Eddie mixed various live-played scenes from some of the most loved video games like Grand Theft Auto 4, Halo3, World of Warcraft, and Warcraft 3.

This live reenactment was projected on a large screen and was accompanied by gamer manipulation. The gamers used in-game aesthetics and features like World of Warcraft gestures to feign conversation, a base jump that demonstrated the fall of Icarus, and a World of Warcraft gesture to simulate a helicopter flight over GTA4’s redesigned Liberty City.


Wrench appeared on the internet in 2017 as a prototype trailer. This game allowed you to create your car from scratch in a virtual reality space.

With Alec Moody, the creator, having incorporated more footage, the game’s vision is to do more things like handle engine problems, manage a motorsport team, and run a shop.

Wrench is like a school for DIY mechanics, and upon its release, it gave a fresh touch to automotive video games.

Dad of Light

Dad of Light is a Japanese television series forged from Final Fantasy XIV. It was based on the game’s multiplayer online role-playing. It featured a father and son’s story who bonded while playing.

In the series, Yudai Chiba plays Akio where he buys his father a PS4 and Final Fantasy XIV’s copy as a gift. He hopes to reconnect with him over their common gaming interest.

Dad of Light featured the game’s scenes and showcased Akio’s father’s journey in Eorzea’s virtual world.


Unity is a live-action stunt event that debuted in 2014. It was performed during the San Diego Comic-Con to elevate the release of Assasssin’s Creed: Unity, which was an action-adventure game.

Ubisoft produced this event, featuring parkour athletes who donned clothes like the game’s assassins. The characters showcased sword fights, acrobatic stunts, and rooftop leaps, which appeared like the French Revolution Paris.

Fans and bystanders were highly impressed by this spectacular theatre event.

Symphony of the Goddesses

This was a concert program/series that featured live orchestral music performances from The Legend of Zelda game franchise. Symphony of Goddesses premiered in 2012; then, Second Quest marked its second season in 2013. Master Quest, the third season, comprised worldwide concerts and took place in 2015 and 2016.

Chad Seiter arranged the music, and Eimear Noone conducted it while accompanied by footage from various games in the series. Symphony of the Goddesses got its name from the Goddesses of Hyrule, who were the creators of the Zelda world.

No Escape

This was a live but short action film released in 2011. Dan Trachtenberg directed the game, recreating the Portal game’s puzzle-platformer universe.

The film featured Chell (Danielle Rayne) as a silent protagonist. She was an imprisoned test subject in a mysterious institution and used a distinctive portal gun to launch her escape.

Dan also employed the Weighted Companion Cube to bring the game’s mechanics and aesthetics to life. The action and suspenseful scenes made this film a favorite for many, with millions of views.

The Musical

The Musical is a Broadway comedy birthed from and based on the Super Mario Bros platformer game. Bob and Tobly McSmith wrote this musical. You might be familiar with them from The Office, Saved by the Bell, and Friends musical parodies.

This event premiered in 2019, featuring songs influenced by Super Mario Bros music. It also had references drawn from Nintendo games and some of the characters.

Like in the game, this musical featured Marion and Luigi’s journey in the Mushroom Kingdom on their way to save Princess Peach from Bowser.

Story Mode

Story Mode was a Telltale Games series based on the Minecraft game. Mojang Studios developed this episodic adventure game, released in 2015 across various platforms. It starred Jesse as a novice builder on his perilous journey to rescue the world from an old evil alongside his pet pig and friends.

With this game, you can choose how to affect the story and its characters as the player. You could also construct items that were featured in Minecraft’s gaming world. All these choices and actions significantly impacted the game later on.

Creators Note: Using video games to create theatre events is usually a challenge since you have to obtain permission and rights from the game developers and publishers. This is generally time-consuming and costly, especially if you are an amateur or independent producer.

Effecting game content and adapting the mechanics to suit the theatre format is also another challenge. Some of the game’s elements, like the gameplay, graphics, and interactivity, may be omitted.

Nonetheless, video game ROMs are a workaround for this, whereby they are used to create theatre events. Usually, creators use the ROMs for inspiration or as points of reference, and they are projected on screens.

Final words

The top nine theatre events discussed in this article demonstrate the remarkable ability of these productions to captivate and engage audiences, leaving a lasting impact on both gaming enthusiasts and theatre-goers alike.

The intersection of video games and theatre has resulted in a wide range of innovative productions that bring virtual worlds to the stage. From live performances to musicals and action films, these theatre events have successfully transported audiences into the immersive realms of their favorite video games.

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