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by Jim Allen on November 20, 2019

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Playing Bingo at any time is a great way to increase your entertainment. Many people play whilst they are waiting for the kids to come out of school, during their daily commute or at the times they are travelling. It is a great way to kill time whilst you are also in with a good chance of being able to win a sizeable cash prize. But if you are wanting to find a way to increase the likelihood of being able to get your hands on that jackpot then what do you have to do? Is there a specific day or time when you should think about playing Bingo online so that your odds are better for winning? It’s not a bad idea to visit these bingo sites and find out yourself!

Weekday Bingo

There is some logic for us to think about playing in the week and this increasing our chances because the majority of players will be at work. This would mean that the hours between 8 am and 6 pm would be quieter on the online Bingo games so there will be fewer players competing for a chance to win the jackpot. Therefore your likelihood of being the winner of these prizes would be considerably higher. But if we know this information, the Bingo sites will know this information too. This means that it is quite common for the Bingo online sites to decrease the amount of money that can be won when there are fewer players in their Bingo rooms, leaving the big jackpots for when there are more available players as a way of enticing more people to play in that specific Bingo room. This is also a way that Bingo sites compete with other Bingo sites to draw in more regular players, so it is something you need to be aware of and watch out for. 

Weekday Evenings Bingo

If you are looking to play in the week, the biggest jackpots available are always visible during the evenings. This is when the online Bingo sites are at their busiest and the Bingo sites will make the most money.  The key time for busy Bingo is between 7 pm and 9 pm. This is a great time to play because there are so many other players involved so if you like playing a more sociable style of Bingo then this is the best time for you to aim to play at. But if you are not interested in participating in the online chat rooms and are solely wanting to play so that you can be in with a chance of winning the jackpot, then this is not the time to play. This is the time when all of the workers have left their workplace and are looking for a way to unwind, as well as it being a common commuting time, so many people use Bingo to make their travel time more entertaining.

For weekday evening Bingo playing with an increased potential for winning, try playing before 6 pm or after 10 pm to enhance your chance of winning. There will be many fewer players to compete with and that jackpot could be yours much more easily than the prime time hours for online weekday Bingo in the evenings. 

Weekend Bingo

There is no specific rhyme or reason to the best times to play Bingo at the weekend. You can use a certain amount of common sense so if the weather is bad outside then there are more likely to be people looking for ways to stay entertained indoors without having to brave the wet and cold outside. This will decrease your chance of being able to win at online Bingo.  But there are times when external factors can increase your chances of being able to get your hands on the jackpot. These can include factors such as big sporting events such as world cups or Wimbledon finals, for example. There are also specific times of the year, so Bonfire night or Mother’s Day will see fewer people playing online Bingo as more people will have gone out to celebrate instead.

Friday and Saturday nights are often quieter with the younger generation of weekend Bingo players because they frequently use this time of the week to go out, socialise, have drinks or dinner with friends and will not be sat at home playing on their mobile devices in a Bingo room. But the time of year does impact this, with fewer people wanting to go out at night when the temperatures decrease, darkness hits earlier and winter is definitely on its way. Therefore, it would seem that Friday or Saturday nights during the summer months would be the ideal time for you to play Bingo online as so many people choose to go out instead of being at home. Your chance of winning, though this is very much a game based on luck, is significantly increased at this time. 

Associated Bingo Winning

When someone wins Bingo online at a specific time and day, it is common that they start to then play repeatedly at this time and on this day more frequently. It becomes an associated pattern that if they have won in this situation before, that this must be the way to win again. So for someone who is commonly awake in the small hours of the morning, such as a shift worker, a breastfeeding mother, or someone who travels a lot for their job, there may be a couple of flaws to this logic. Usually, the times you win are the times when least players are playing Bingo online and this has absolutely nothing to do with specifically what the time is or what day of the week it is. So don’t get stuck in playing the association Bingo game because you should know that this is not the case. Bingo and its winners are both controlled by the Random Number Generator, so there is actually very little you can do about it as to whether you are going to be more likely to win. All you can do is pray that Lady Luck is on your side at whatever time and whichever day you are choosing to play Bingo online, though a little common sense can be useful!

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