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by John Todd on March 18, 2020

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As schools are turning to at-home learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers are struggling to find relevant, high-quality distance learning resources. Stage and Cinema is hoping you’ll spread the word to let teachers know about L.A. Theatre Works’ Setting the Stage for Learning educational arts program, which harnesses the power of professional theater to deepen students’ understanding of important dramatic works, thus creating a meaningful learning experience.

Teachers, who can enroll here, will be provided free streaming access to 25 educational titles (listed below) for use in English, Social Studies, Drama, Science and elective classes, which they can share with their students, all free of charge. LATW will also provide an introductory education guide for how to use recordings in remote learning settings and in the classroom.

A non-profit media arts organization and the world’s leading producer of audio theater, L.A. Theatre Works’ mission is to present, preserve and disseminate classic and contemporary plays featuring critically acclaimed actors. With LATW, teachers bring the excitement of a stage play into their students’ immediate environment and allow them to share their experiences of this rich content with peers, even when separated by distance learning. Discussions about culture, context, the history and arc of the story, and personal connections to characters facing challenges and overcoming obstacles will add to students’ enjoyment as stories come to life through talented casts, foley artists (creating sound effects) and well-crafted scripts.

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As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Rosalind is banished from court and follows her exiled father into the untamed Forest of Arden. Disguised as a man for safety, she engages with fools and philosophers adrift in the woods, and ultimately falls in love.


Chavez Ravine by Culture Clash
The controversial history of Chavez Ravine, the immigrant community that once existed on the site that is now Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.


Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
The dandy with a prominent nose is confident in battle, but relentlessly self-doubting in love, and is unable to express his devotion to the beautiful Roxane.


An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen
When a small town relies on tourists flocking to its baths, will a report of dangerously polluted waters be enough to shut them down?


The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
The story of the Joad family’s trek from the dust bowl of Oklahoma to the promise of a better life in California.


The Great Tennessee Monkey Trial by Peter Goodchild
A dramatization of the 1925 trial about the right to teach evolution in school, based on the original transcripts.

Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Prince Hamlet sets out to avenge his beloved father’s death at the hand of his uncle Claudius — but Hamlet’s spiral into grief and madness will have permanent and immutable consequences for the Kingdom of Denmark.

Hold These Truths by Jeanne Sakata
During WWII in Seattle, University of Washington student Gordon Hirabayashi fights the US government’s orders to forcibly remove and incarcerate all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast.

The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Did a supernatural hound cause the death of Sir Charles Baskerville? Or is the famous Baskerville curse simply a cover for more sinister goings on?

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
Jack and Algernon are best friends, both wooing ladies who think their names are Earnest, “that name which inspires absolute confidence.

In the Heat of the Night by John Ball
In the Heat of the Night pits a visiting black detective from California against a small Alabama town simmering with anger over desegregation.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
Orphaned Jane journeys from a harsh childhood to become the loving caregiver of a child at the manor of the mysterious Mr. Rochester.

Judgment at Nuremberg by Abby Mann
At the conclusion of World War II, German officials are put on trial for crimes against humanity.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare
When General Macbeth is foretold by three witches that he will one day be King of Scotland, Lady Macbeth convinces him to get rid of anyone who could stand in his way.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
The marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta becomes entangled with actors, fairies, and magic potions.

The Mountaintop by Katori Hall
April 3rd, 1968, room 306 of the Lorraine Motel, MLK and a motel maid form an unlikely friendship during the wee hours of his final night.

Oedipus the King by Sophocles
A Greek king unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The dour Mr. Darcy is anything but popular with the Bennets, especially when he fancies a member of their clan. And as Elizabeth reluctantly deals with Mr. Darcy’s advances, their romance seems destined to fail.

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
An irascible speech professor takes on a Cockney flower girl as a pet project.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet have fallen madly in love despite the bitter rivalry that exists between their families.

Spill by Leigh Fondakowski
Real-life stories of the human and environmental toll of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers by Geoffrey CowanLeroy Aarons
The trial following The Washington Post’s decision to publish the Pentagon Papers had huge repercussions on the 1st Amendment’s parameters.

Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose
On a sweltering day, a dozen jurors argue the fate of a young man accused of murder.

A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller
Longshoreman Eddie Carbone’s niece falls in love with a Sicilian immigrant, turning Eddie’s affection for his niece into an obsession.

Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez
Chicano playwright Luis Valdez masterfully uses the Sleepy Lagoon murder case to examine the Chicano Zoot Suit Culture of the 40’s.

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