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by Aveline MacQuoid on August 1, 2021

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How To Survive Freshers’ Week

You are about to do the wildest and busiest week of your life. The freshers’ week will be the first week of your independence and freedom. It can be overwhelming, from moving in to finishing the paperwork at the university. But it’s exciting and could kickstart your year’s social life if you spend this week right.

So, Assignment Writing Services experts have given guidelines on how to get the most fun out of the university freshers’ week. You can be drunk and exhausted partying, or you can come off prepared and with fewer regrets afterwards.

1. Prepare Money

It’s your first time in the university, and you’ll have tons of expenses during the first week. There’s a need to buy essential bathroom stuff, utensils, books, and school supplies. You should also prepare for an all-access fee at freshers’ parties so that you can socialize and make friends.

2. Get Settled in Right Away

Arrive in your dorm or apartment early and get settled right away. Nobody wants to do this after so much fun and partying, wishing to go home and have a rest. We know it’s tiring, but you have to unbox and set all your items in the order. Prepare the bed and organize your clothes. Then say ‘hi’ to neighbors and offer them cookies to get to know each other better. 

3. Explore the Campus

It will be helpful to familiarize yourself with your campus so that you will not get lost and be late for your classes. There are mentors and guides around campus that help first-year students. Besides classrooms, find school amenities that you can use, such as the library, pool, and gym. Furthermore, you can roam the city and locate the supermarket, cafes, park, and laundry shop.

4. Finish University Paperwork

Check the email sent to you by the university and go to the admin office to complete all the required paperwork. You must finish this first and avoid cramping up at the last minute. Arrive early to avoid the queues, and bring all the required documents for filling out the forms. Otherwise, you may have to come back and lose your place in the waiting line.

5. Get Wild at Freshers Fair

It will be your chance to choose which club and community you’re going to join on campus. Don’t shy out and sign up for the one you think will be relevant and helpful. You must realize firsthand that clubs can help your CV on job applications. Besides that, OUR WEBSITE experts suggest that you can discover new hobbies as you socialize with others and explore the world beyond studies.

6. Don’t Get Too Drunk

The freshers’ week is full of parties and events you can attend. You can buy a badge giving you full access to any of these crazy welcome events. While it is okay to get drunk and let loose, always keep in mind to do it in moderation. Don’t make decisions that you’ll regret because of the freedom you have.

7. Make Friends

Come out of your shell and approach someone. It’s more of a nudge to the introverts that can live a life by themselves. You can start by sharing food or pleasantries in the hall to start a conversation with peers. To create a stronger relationship, invite them to a cafe and talk about college and challenges. It would be best to look for friends on the same wavelength because you’ll enjoy communication with like-minded people interested in the same things, sports, and hobbies. So, it’s always wise to connect with someone supportive, diligent, and serious about their studies.

8. Make Use of Student Deals

Freshers’ week offers a lot of discounts, coupons, and vouchers from different stores. Grab everything and use it. Find ways you can spend less because as the days go on, you’ll come face to face with more bills and expenses. When in a store, ask if they offer a discount for first-year students; they might have one, even if they are not advertising it.

9. Prepare a Fancy Dress

The first impression often lasts, and you should prepare some attractive clothing to use at parties and student gatherings. That week is not the time to pity yourself for not preparing. Moreover, it will boost your confidence to engage with people around you and have fun. 

10. Keep Safe

You are on your own, and the streets are not familiar to you. It’s best to avoid walking on streets with fewer people. Furthermore, watch your stuff while you are partying. Keep your bag and wallet close and see that your drink is not mixed with something suspicious. Before drinking, be sure to eat so that a few drinks will not hammer you. Also, only take cabs and taxis that the university or landlord recommends.

11. Don’t Skip Lectures

Even if you have a hangover, you still have to get up for the orientation lectures in the freshers’ week. OUR WEBSITE experts warn against missing lectures because it is your chance to get to know your professor and learn the prospectus. There might also be a required assignment, and you don’t want to miss that because of the fun that will end soon, leaving you with a negative academic reputation from the start.

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