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4 Important Life Lessons From Films About Education

Students of today not only obtain knowledge from textbooks but use entertainment sources to enhance their learning. Films about education provide vast knowledge and important life lessons. They are also a great form of entertainment and a way to break the classroom monotony.

Watching films with an educative element at home focuses the kids’ attention on something they can relate to in society, draw inspiration from, or that which they can apply in their lives. Besides, kids in all academic levels use technology as a way to learn beyond the classroom. While there are numerous films with teachable moments, those listed below are enjoyable to watch, offer a life lesson, and yet contain an educative element.

4 Important Life Lessons From Films About Education

Obstacles Are Part of Life – A Lesson From Akeelah and the Bee (2006)

Are you a parent that seeks help nurture your kid’s talents? Most parents are on the lookout for their kids’ passion, a unique gift that would fill them with purpose, pride, and direction. Teachers often spend a huge chunk with students; hence are great for spotting exceptional talent that a kid has.

While most parents should be supportive, in the 2006 film Akeelah and the Bee, the 11-year-old girl who has a gift for spelling is not supported by her mother. Thankfully, she has a supportive circle, including her classmates, community members, and coach Dr. Larabee.

Helping to nurture a kid’s talent is not the only life lesson this film will impart. The main teachable moment is that there are going to be obstacles in your journey. But, roadblocks and challenges are all part of life.

Sometimes the obstacles can seem impossible, but that’s when you need to dig deeper, think positive, and find solutions instead of giving up. When it comes to obstacles such as a hard-to-understand assignment, students can get help 24/7 from essay writer grademiners.

Don’t Hesitate to Explore Your Creative Side – A lesson From Rushmore (1998)

Learning doesn’t happen just in the classroom. Learning beyond is also crucial as it helps a student to absorb the content and understand it better. Subject experts from grademiners can come in handy for students who want to learn beyond the classroom and grasp concepts faster. With a tutor or professional essay helper from the Best Essay Writing Services: A Quick Solution to Your Academic Problems, a student can reach an entirely new level of understanding.

Education films such as Rushmore, released in 1998, can be a great tool for learning beyond the classroom. One life lesson to expect from watching Rushmore is always to try and do something outside the box.

Max, the main character in the film, is a member and founder of the school’s Astronomy society. In addition, he writes plays and is the president of the Rushmore Beekeepers. He balances school and personal life well and uses his creative side to engage in activities that build his social life and eradicate the boredom that the mundane daily routine can easily bring.

Education Can Change the Word for the Better- A Lesson From Freedom Writers (2007)

Unique teaching strategies are something that every educator has to come up with to reach tough students or those who don’t see the importance of education. Educators need to be creative with the teaching methods and find ways to enrich knowledge from various sources, including film.

Freedom Writers is a great educative source. The film sheds light on important issues such as racism, problem in education institutions, underprivileged students, and juvenile delinquents. However, Erin Gruwell’s perseverance helped her show her student at Woodrow Wilson a better way of life and appreciate the education system.

When Erin altered her teaching strategy, the students started to view their lives positively and use writing as a therapeutic tool. The painful student’s experiences led to the compilation of their journals and publishing The Freedom Writers Diary.

Books Will Always Be a Rich Source of Information-a Lesson From Fahrenheit 451 (2018)

Movies are considered a modern form of literature, and in the film Fahrenheit 451, people would rather watch television and engage in other forms of entertainment than read books.

In fact, books have lost their value, and reading has been banned altogether. However, there is still a group of rebels interested in reading books, and Guy Montag, the main character, joins the rebels to remind people how important and valuable books are.

There are numerous life lessons from this educative film that relate to society today. The main lesson from Fahrenheit 451 is that everyone yearns for accurate, reliable information from books. Without books, people would lose their creativity, imagination, and the power to have diversity.


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