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by Aveline MacQuoid on February 22, 2022

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It’s okay to be rooting for the bad guys every once in a while. That’s probably why we all love a good heist on the big screen. And we can’t get enough of heist movies as their tense action scenes and shrewd scheming make for such good cinema. Plus, there’s always a backstabbing or two to surprise viewers with unexpected plot twists. So, today we look at five heist movies that will be worth your while.

The Ocean’s saga

No heist movie list would be complete without Steven Soderbergh’s infamous franchise. And the Ocean’s saga has been keeping us on the edge of our seats for twenty years now. Aired in 2001, the first entry hit the mark with a cast of A-list actors ranging from George Clooney to Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. Blending comedy and action in the backdrop of the dazzling Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Ocean’s Eleven set a golden formula for all heist movies. To this day, it tops most rankings of the Ocean’s series.

Three years later, Ocean’s Twelve added some glamour with international superstars like Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. Then two movies ensued, including an all-female reboot led by Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. Despite mixed reception, Ocean’s Eighteen showed the franchise was still alive and kicking.

Reservoir Dogs

From Westerns to martial arts movies, Quentin Tarantino has done it all. But his first flick was none other than a heist movie. Reservoir Dogs follows a crew of diamond thieves in a heist gone wrong. Originally, Tarantino’s feature-length debut was but a mere independent motion picture. Yet, despite the controversy surrounding its coarse language and overt violence, it was an unexpected critical and public success. And Reservoir Dogs soon became a cult classic. British film magazine Empire even crowned it the greatest independent film ever made.

Da 5 Bloods

In 2020, Spike Lee proved the movie heist genre could be more than just an entertainment fix. In this film, indeed, the stakes are more personal than your average bank robbery as five Black veterans return to Vietnam to retrieve a treasure they buried during the war. No authorities are on their tail, though. Thus, the usual cat and mouse chase gives way to a moving story of dealing with war trauma. A Netflix release only, Da 5 Bloods received universal acclaim.

Now You See Me

Would you like a touch of magic with your heist? Then Now You See Me takes you in for a ride. In this modern Robin Hood tale, four magicians rob rich banks only to give the money back to the audience during magic shows. But there might be more than meets the eye to these Four Horsemen as Interpol agents track them from Vegas to Paris.

In 2013, director Louis Leterrier took the world by storm with this one-of-a-kind heist movie starring Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo. This star-studded cast returned in 2016 in a second installment. And a third film might even be in the making.

Army of the Dead

As if the stakes of a heist movie weren’t high enough, Zack Snyder takes things further with a heist meets zombie apocalypse. Led by Dave Bautista, a team of badass mercenaries goes on a mission to crack the safe of a casino vault. But the streets of Vegas are roaming with zombies. Besides, the clock is ticking as nuclear bombs are about to strike Sin City.

With jaw-dropping action scenes and jump scares, Army of the Dead is an original take on your typical heist film. And exploring the spooky casinos of a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas is a fun ride. But if you’re craving a thrilling casino game, no need to face armies of undead. Online casinos have got you covered with the best mobile slots. Thus, you can choose to play for free or wager real money. Mobile players can even claim exclusive bonuses. And there are thousands of games for you to hit the jackpot, including zombie-themed slots.

Heists are a beloved staple of the big screen. And we could only put so many movies on our list. But if you’re a fan of intricate robberies and smooth criminals, Hollywood has many more nerve-racking heist movies to get caught up on.

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