Art: HITLER ORGASM as NFT (Pictor Ray)

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by Eve Meadows on March 4, 2022

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Hitler Orgasm by Pictor Roy as NFT – Estimated over $50,000,000 million

Pictor Roy is a well-known artist and the creator of a provocative painting entitled: “Orgasm to hell”. This painting was auctioned 7 years ago for $19.5 million. The picture shows an erect penis with Hitler’s sperm. The sentence in the painting: “1 nanosecond earlier or later: it would have saved 80 million people’s lives”!

Now the artist has created an “Orgasm Collection”. The painting collection was digitized as NFT* and the originals were then burned for media attention. You can see the film of the destruction at

All 10 paintings have now been released for auction as NFT on the NFT auction platform

Pictor Roy’s management expects sales of at least $50 million for the collection.

Pictor Roy has long been considered an insider tip on the art scene. The artist’s works are counted as extremes. Roy’s “orgasm” series is classified by experts as a modern interpretation of Dadaism, which sees itself as a protest against the establishment. At the heart of Dadaism are society, art and politics, intended to make the viewer think. “Orgasm to hell” is also intended to make you think.

This action shows the popularity of ART-NFT and is celebrated all over the world as a future-oriented form of art trade.

*What is an NFT, in the art world?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital representation of a good — in this case, a work of art. It’s akin to a certificate of authenticity or a deed and it’s recorded on a blockchain, a digital database, most often in the form of a public ledger. It stores information across a network of computers. Transactions on a blockchain can be verified without the need for any central authority, like banks or governments, and are supposed to be impossible to change, hack or corrupt.

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