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by Aveline MacQuoid on May 19, 2022

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Rest — each person perceives this word differently. Someone must get enough sleep before the next working week, someone cannot sit idly and goes to ride a bike, skateboard, or engage in other active sports, while others can hardly tear themselves off the couch. But some have a rest during familiarization with the art.

In general, cultural leisure for all people does not mean the same thing, if only because we are all different. And for some, it is to go to the theater, and for others — to play Zodiac Casino. In a certain generally accepted sense, one can define culture and, accordingly, this kind of rest as something that helps us find the long-awaited spiritual saturation, enrich our inner world, look at things more broadly and become smarter.

How can you relax with the help of art?

We found out that cultural leisure is everything that develops you, enriches you and allows you to improve from the inside:

     1. Art gallery

Introduction to art should begin with the simplest option — viewing canvas. Some people really enjoy looking at paintings and discussing them. If you have never been to an art gallery, then be sure to visit it. Maybe, this is your way of relaxing.

     2. House of wax

Sometimes, you want to shake things up a bit. And if you want to look at people who lived a long time ago or take pictures with some celebrity, then drop in on the house of wax figures. This is a real art that makes your heart soar, and sometimes causes goosebumps. It sometimes seems that these wax people are about to start moving and talking, but no — this does not happen. In addition to being able to see these people, you can also learn a lot of interesting things from the history of that time and the lives of famous people.


     3. Masterclasses

It’s a fairly common thing, especially in our time, when people are constantly in a hurry somewhere, and the only way out is short masterclasses that help a person to get distracted and learn bit by bit something new in their free time. For instance, there is a master class that combines drinking alcohol and painting. This allows people not only to relax but also to enrich themselves culturally, which is crucial for a person who works 24/7 and wants not only to drink and relax but also to gain some new knowledge and emotions. You will be told and shown how to draw with certain materials. Also, you will get to know a lot of interesting people, have fun, and return back home with the incredibly beautiful work that you painted on your own.

     4. Excursions that you arrange for yourself

By the way, this turns out to be an author’s tour, during which you will make your own conclusion about a particular place. You can also go to a museum, to an exhibition, to a theater, to some home of a popular poet or writer, and learn a lot of interesting things about his life and work. For such people who come alone to museums and manor houses, there are audio guides that allow them to independently familiarize themselves with the exposition.

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