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5 Best Romantic Movies Where Cars Play a Significant Role

During spring and summer, romance is in the air, when you can get rid of warm clothes during the day and go on unforgettable adventures in the fresh air, and in the evening, there is nothing better than watching a light romantic movie. We love these films for their romantic magic, as well as for the incredible plot twists.

In films like this, we pay attention not only to the love story but also to the magical and romantic setting, as well as to the delightful one-of-a-kind cars that complement the film perfectly. Convertibles are one of the cars that often appear in such films because they represent freedom and romance.

After watching such films, if you want to feel like a character of such movies and you have the opportunity to use convertible car rental, choose the most breathtaking convertible car model and go with your beloved partner on an unforgettable adventure. In addition, you will be pleasantly surprised by reasonable rental prices, as well as the first-class service provided by car rental managers.

In this article, we will recall the brightest romantic films where cars play a significant role that you will want to watch for the first time or rewatch.

Grease, 1978

If you want to escape from all the problems and news that concern you in the world, then you should watch Grease, where an incredible love story takes place between the two main characters, whose relationship develops over the years.

Here we see a mid-century vibe where young people ride convertibles like the Ford De Luxe, have great haircuts, and wear high white socks. Such a car evokes the atmosphere of warm summer nights without worries, where an atmosphere of optimism and well-being reigns.

La La Land, 2016

This touching story will not leave any viewer without an impression. Although the film was made not so long ago, it perfectly captures the atmosphere of the time, where the main character, played by Ryan Gosling, drives an impressive Buick Riviera.

In this film, the car fades into the background, but the main character looks great behind the wheel of such a two-seater convertible. By the way, any girl would be ready to go anywhere with such a man even if he was driving a Toyota Prius.

Focus, 2015

Even though the Peugeot RCZ, driven by the protagonist Nicky, does not give the impression of a luxury sports car, it still impresses with its capabilities. Here it is used as a means of escape, and surprisingly, the rogue protagonists, Nicky and Jess, succeed in this.

It is noteworthy that after the film was released, this model was discontinued. However, we have learned forever that if you want to escape, you do not necessarily need to have a luxury sports car.

Legally Blonde, 2001

If you want to draw attention to yourself, then the Porsche Boxster is the luxury option. The main character, dressed in all pink, knows how to attract attention to herself and does it quite successfully, arriving at the university in this luxurious car.

Enrolling in Law School, Elle Woods set her goal only to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend, who considers her too superficial. In the course of her training, the main character successfully copes with the task and proves to everyone that blondes are not stupid and superficial.

Pretty Woman, 1990

If you want more than just a compelling story where the main characters are together no matter what, then Pretty Woman is a great option that has become a classic for many generations. Here we can also see the unusual Lotus Esprit SE, in which Julia Roberts, who plays Vivian Ward, is trying to teach Richard Gere, who plays Edward Lewis, to drive.


Romantic films offer not only intricate storylines where young people fall in love and overcome many difficulties but also fantastic spectacles in the form of picturesque landscapes, as well as equally amazing cars.

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