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by Aveline MacQuoid on November 1, 2022

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If you’re a cannabis user, a grower of weed seeds from this website and looking for a good movie to watch, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of popular titles that are sure to please you. These include “The Big Lebowski” and “Up in Smoke.” These are also cult classics.

The Big Lebowski is a cult classic

The Big Lebowski is a 1998 film that has become a cult classic among cannabis users and film audiences alike. It stars Jeff Bridges as Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, who is a regular pot smoker. This wacky movie is not an outright drug film, but the absurd plot is enough to make marijuana users love it.

The film’s slow pace can be read as a metaphor for the effects of cannabis. This is especially true for the character of “The Dude,” who lives life fully in the moment, unburdened by any real responsibility. There is no rush to reach the next scene, and no sense of urgency in unraveling the central kidnapping plot.

Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke was a controversial film when it was first released, but has now become an icon of stoner movies. This story of smuggling cannabis and the people they encounter along the way has endeared it to many cannabis users. Watching this film while high is a surprisingly relaxing experience.

This 2000 comedy was a flop with critics, but it managed to find a cult following among cannabis users. It has made over $73 million worldwide despite its modest production budget and features James Franco and Seth Rogan. The movie follows two friends who accidentally leave their car parked at a random spot and end up traveling around the country. They believe that by completing a mission, they’ll get rewarded with sex. This journey takes them to some faraway places. The movie also has some very crude humor, which makes it a great choice for cannabis users.

Other films about marijuana can help you learn about the history of marijuana, while entertaining you at the same time. Netflix has several films about cannabis and its culture. Whether you’re an experienced cannabis user or just want to learn more about the culture, there’s a movie for you.

Family Business

If you’re a cannabis user, you might enjoy Family Business movies. This comedy series centers around a young entrepreneur (Jonathan Cohen) who converts his father’s butcher shop into a marijuana cafe. Joseph also works for his father as a kosher butcher, and his dreams of running his own cafe are met with some difficulty. When France legalizes marijuana, however, Joseph has an epiphany and changes his business.

Luckily, there are plenty of cannabis-themed movies available. From lighthearted comedies to dramatic dramas, this list has something for everyone.

Das Boot

The director of Das Boot, Wolfgang Petersen, is a native of Emden, North Germany. He made two feature films before landing on his breakthrough “Das Boot” in 1982. The 149-minute film chronicled intense claustrophobia aboard a doomed German U-boat during the Battle of the Atlantic. Jurgen Prochnow plays the submarine’s commander, and Petersen adapted a novel by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim.

The director’s cut of Das Boot is a triumph. Petersen doesn’t hold back with the action. The opening sequence shows a U-Boat surfacing and watching dolphins swim in its wake before coming under attack from an Allied anti-submarine patrol.

The Gentlemen of Cannabis

“The Gentlemen of Cannabis” is a crime caper centered on an American expat’s plans to set up a marijuana empire in London. It involves bribery and blackmail, and stars Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, and Eddie Marsan. The film has become a cult classic and has even inspired a religion. It’s an amazing blend of genius writing and callbacks. Many scenes have been remade in other films.

“The Gentlemen of Cannabis” is directed and written by Guy Ritchie. Matthew McConaughey plays Mickey Pearson, an American expatriate who has crafted an empire of marijuana cultivation and distribution in London. He is about to retire but senses that the country is soon to legalize cannabis, so he angles to sell his business to a British billionaire, Matthew Berger. Berger is played by Jeremy Strong.

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