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Watch Absolute U.S. Sci-fi Movies
on Netflix in Canada

The streaming service providing entertainment content throughout all categories is Netflix, which has approximately 222 million customers globally.

You can rely on action-packed and melancholy titles when it pertains to the sci-fi category on Netflix. Yes, we are addressing the end of civilization and the methods by which some scientists are striving to cope.

Netflix American science fiction movie online

Due to geo-restrictions implemented as a consequence of license agreements and also with production companies, Netflix’s leisure offerings vary depending on the location.

The best collection of movies and television shows is available on American Netflix as well. You can Get American Netflix in Canada simply by signing up with a trustworthy Vpn.

Around 80 science fiction films are available streaming on Netflix, such as Aliens, Stole My Body, Army of the Dead, Battleship, Captain Nova, Oxygen, and much more.

Listed below are some of them

I Am Legend

The 1954 Richard Matheson scary classic of the same title stands as the basis for the film. The novel’s sequel includes The Omega Man and The Last Man on Earth.

The central protagonist of the movie, Will Smith, is the last man on Earth after a disease supposed to fight cancer turns everybody into zombie vampires. Despite surviving among the zombies, Will Smith looks for a pandemic cure.

Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up, a documentary about a magnificent cat highlights the problem of the social networking era, where no one is anxious about an impending comet that has to be alerted.

A meteor the height of Mount Everest on a crash course with Earth is discovered by a graduate student in astronomy, which might lead to a global tragedy or the end of civilization.

Even though the administration and other authorities could care much less about the revelation and criticism, nobody does. The documentary instead concentrates on the horrific consequences of social media and hashtags, as well as how they disguise or alter the truth.

The Adam Project

In the blockbuster science fiction film The Adam Project, which features Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, the aviator Adam encounters his teenage self via a time machine.

Additionally, the two of them join forces to go back in time to encourage their father to forgo his plans to develop time machines as it will significantly change the structure of the globe.

Although as we get older, we start to overlook some important features of our lives, this is unquestionably a beautiful film that emphasizes some of them.

The spectators’ hearts are undoubtedly impacted by the time travel to see the father change his main life purpose and reconnect with him.

The Mitchells Vs The Machines

It’s a humorous anecdote movie where the soon-to-be-obsolete robots blast humans into space as revenge. The Mitchell family is forced to evacuate while struggling to dodge the robots.

The importance of social media as well as other chatbots and how they hinder family life are effectively depicted in the film. The emphasis of this motivational film is also on the connection of families as they combat robots to save humanity.


The movie portrays an experience in this area of the world in which parents can genetically manipulate their unborn children to achieve the desired outcome.

This naturally led to prejudice against those who don’t have their DNA changed because they are made to work.

Here enters Vincent Freeman, who desires to go into space but is ineligible due to his genetic structure and lower life span.

The theme of the film is Vincent and his quest to achieve his objective despite all the obstacles in his way.


Troubled ex-soldier struggles to save her household as civilization and her mind fall into anarchy after a global event destroys humanity’s capacity to sleep.

Gina Rodriguez (“Jane the Virgin”), a Golden Globe winner, challenges time in this sci-fi thriller to preserve her family.

Sci-fi Movies via Netflix

On the other hand hand, you can watch films in a particular genre, like scary, sci-fi, magic, Korean, etc., using Netflix credentials.

To employ Netflix codes, head to the primary Netflix page and do a search. To unlock all the secret movies inside a particular category, use the desired classification code after that.

For example, the Netflix codes “3327” for Alien science fiction and “6926” for sci-fi action can be used. For sci-fi plays and sci-fi thrillers, respectively, you can use “3916” and “11014”. More sci-fi Netflix codes include:

  • Adventure, science fiction, and fantasy “1568”
  • legendary sci-fi and thriller “47147”
  • For sci-fi horror movies, “1694”
  • international science fiction and imagination “6485”

Ending remarks

Netflix offers sci-fi programming for viewers of all generations, whether they would like to see the Terminator, Star Trek, or Just don’t Look Up. In the blog article mentioned above, the best sci-fi movies are reviewed, as well as various methods for watching them on streaming platforms.

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