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Dazzle, Mingle and Enjoy:
6 Tips for Cosplayers Attending
a Comic Con for the First Time

Without a doubt, comic conventions (or comic con) are the biggest events pop culture aficionados can and should join.

Comic cons are packed with different activities and events that will surely delight fans. You get to meet and greet celebrities, creators and other experts in the fields of cinema, animation, comic books and gaming.

You can splurge on merchandise you’ll likely have difficulties purchasing as well.

A comic con is also the perfect opportunity to put on a costume and dress up as your favorite character from a movie, TV series, book, comic book, manga, anime and video game.

Aside from channeling your fave character and living out your fantasy for a day, you can meet other people who share your interest and widen your social circle when you join the cosplay meetups in Abu Dhabi during the city’s highly-anticipated comic convention.

How to Have a Fun, Memorable Time at Your First Comic Con

If you’re going to a comic con as a cosplayer for the first time, remember these tips to shine and have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience:

1.    Go as a character you like.

To get into the spirit of the cosplay event, go as your favorite character.

Cosplay is not just about wearing a costume that catches your eye. You have to embody a character and bring it to life. You can do this only when you like the character you’re going as.

Moreover, you need to invest a lot of time and money creating or modifying your costume, putting on makeup and styling your hair, which would be easier when you’re inspired and like what you’re doing.

Don’t worry if you think the character you choose is unpopular or other people won’t know who it is. There’s still a chance that some attendees will recognize who you are and you’ll impress them because you’re a member of their fandom.

2.    Give yourself sufficient time to prepare your costume.

If you’re purchasing a costume, don’t wait until the last minute to buy one. Some sellers may require weeks to ship your purchase, so order it as soon as possible.

Moreover, you may need to modify or add some embellishments to the costume. The more time you have, the better the ideas you can come up with to improve your outfit.

Having plenty of time before the event will also work to your advantage if you’re making your own costume. You may need to look for various sellers to get your supplies. If you’re buying them online, you may also have to wait for weeks to get them.

You also need plenty of time to sew and embellish your attire to ensure you look exactly like the character you’re portraying.

3.    Decide when and where you want to get into your costume.

Before the event, have a plan for when and where you want to put on your ensemble.

Start preparing at least an hour before the cosplay event starts. If your costume is a bit elaborate, you might need to begin earlier.

It’s best to put on your costume at home so you have more space to move around and can spend as much time as you need to perfect your look. This is the most recommended option since you can arrive at the event ready to dazzle, mingle and enjoy all the festivities.

You can also put your costume on at the event venue. However, you may have to contend with other cosplayers in the restrooms, which means you may not have enough space to move around.

You might also feel uncomfortable hogging the mirrors since other people are also using them.

4.    Plan your day.

Comic conventions with cosplay events are packed with activities and shows. You might not be able to join in or watch all of them, so create an itinerary with the ones you’re looking forward to the most.

Visit the comic con website to check the lineup of activities. List down everything you want to join or see; be prepared to skip a few, especially if you only have a day to attend the event.

Take note of the celebrity guests you want to meet as well. Since lines may run long for each, you might spend a lot of time waiting for your turn. This means you may not have time to meet all of them. Therefore, choose only those you really want to interact with.

Once you arrive at the venue, map out your route so that you know which booths to visit and the places where the meet-and-greet and other events on your itinerary will take place.

Your itinerary should also include time for snack breaks and visiting the merchandise booths.

5.    Eat and stay hydrated.

It can be easy to get caught up in all the activities and events that you might forget to eat and drink. This is something you should never do since the crowd and conditions inside a comic con venue can make you feel tired and dehydrated.

Before going to the event, eat and fill up on water so you’ll arrive feeling energized and ready for all the activities.

Also, bring a water bottle and your favorite treats to the event. Hydrate and munch on snacks throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep your energy up.

Most comic cons have snack booths spread throughout the venue. As such, you can splurge on your choice of treats and drinks during the event.

6.    Prepare for the unexpected.

Lastly, be prepared for everything that might happen during the event.

Start by packing a bag with the essentials, including a water bottle, snacks, mobile phone charger, change of clothes and shoes.

Bring extra accessories and supplies you’ll need to fix problems that may come up while you’re in costume.

Since you’re coming as a cosplayer, attendees may ask to take photos with you. Be prepared to do this and interact with them.

Also, prepare yourself for some unexpected changes during the event. Sometimes, guests may cancel at the last minute or some scheduled activities and panels won’t happen.

Because of this, try not to plan your entire experience around just one event. And don’t let these changes affect your mood and excitement since there are other activities you can look forward to.

Going to your first comic con as a cosplayer can be exciting. When you follow these tips, your experience can be glitch-free, successful and truly memorable.

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