by Nia Liat on April 3, 2023

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Millions of people dream about changing careers daily. Some want to switch careers to escape the rat race. While others feel underappreciated in their current roles. One recent poll showed that 96% of respondents wanted to change their jobs.

Many workers feel that they missed out on dreams they harbored in their younger years. Becoming a singer is a dream held by countless people, but most never consider whether it is possible.

Dreams often get blocked by real life. The cost of living is affecting millions. Zippia estimates that up to 45% of the population has side hustles now to help ends meet. So, making a radical change of career is a risk.

But, singing can offer a realistic career option, and could also be a potentially rewarding side gig.

Can you make money from singing now?

To make it as a singer in any form you will need to be of a certain standard. If you can sing well then you stand a chance of finding some way into a paid singing role. And you can improve your singing voice through training.

A voice teacher will help any student to improve their singing voice. Singing teachers can help improve vocals and introduce lessons for mastering vibrato and harmony.

If you have the right attitude and personality as well as a pleasant singing voice, you could have a chance of making some money.

What career options are there for singers now?

There is plenty to understand about the performing arts, including how competitive roles can be. Yet, there is also a lot of job flexibility for singers.

For instance, if you have an aptitude for teaching as well as singing, you could teach vocal skills. Cruise ships are operating again after the pandemic, and these vessels typically have singers to provide entertainment.

Other possibilities include pubs, clubs, and weddings. These venues and occasions require singers to entertain patrons and guests. And singing in local venues is a realistic way to gain experience, and get paid cash.

Then there is the theater. If your dream is to be in a production dancing as well as singing then you will need to be on top form. There are ways to find dance work on stage, but this area of the performing arts is very competitive.

How to push your brand as a singer

To make it as a singer in a side gig or a career, it is worth investing in your brand. With social media and digital marketing, singers are brands in their own right.

Online promotion

Today, becoming a professional singer involves promoting music online through Spotify and YouTube. Social media is ideal for building a fan base.

Networking locally

Reach out to local bands, answer ads for singers, and visit music venues in your area. Local music scenes are often tight. If you network with other local bands, you will help to get your music and name out there.

Search for jobs online

Nowadays, all manner of career options are listed online. You can find positions for cruise ship singers on Indeed and GlassDoor.

Go to the streets and perform

Busking is a great way to get some practical singing experience. And don’t disregard options such as record shops. Ask your local record shop if they have room to let you perform a small set. You could sell some recordings and split any takings with the store.

What might you expect to make from singing?

If you start singing as a side gig you won’t make a fortune. However, singing can pay.

For example, a cruise ship singer might receive $2,000 to $3,000 per month. This role can generate tips too, remember.

The national average pay for a private singing teacher is $36 per hour. And you could handle this as a side gig while continuing to clock on in your current role.

Don’t dismiss the idea of being a wedding singer either. John Legend was a wedding singer, and so too was Taylor Dayne before getting their big breaks. If you choose to become a club singer instead you can expect to receive about $100 per hour.

And if you promote yourself online, then Spotify pays artists up to $0.005 per stream. Artists get to keep about 70% of revenue from Spotify while promoting their work.


There are genuine possibilities for singers to make money. Options for singers range from online self-promotion to teaching others to sing through private lessons. Cruise ships, bars, and clubs often need singers. And the scope is there to become a wedding singer.

To have the best chance of success, a vocal coach or singing teacher might be of use. Singers need practice, and vocal coaches will help to iron out weaknesses and improve singing voices.

A vocal coach can also help with posture, poise, and how to perform in front of a live audience.

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