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by Connor McCormick on November 22, 2023

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Alongside the wide release of the all-new film in theaters today, the Deluxe Soundtrack for Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Wish is available now on all streaming platforms. Featuring the voices of Ariana DeBose as Asha, Chris Pine as Magnifico, and Alan Tudyk as Asha’s pet goat Valentino, the epic animated musical hits the big screen today.

The Deluxe Soundtrack features the seven all-new songs penned by singer-songwriter Julia Michaels and producer-songwriter-musician Benjamin Rice, plus bonus tracks of their original demos, instrumental track versions, and an Original Score composed by Dave Metzger. Metzger has orchestrated and arranged some of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most successful scores, including “Tarzan,” “The Lion King,” “Frozen” and “Moana.” Metzger also recently scored the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ short film “Once Upon A Studio.” The original songs have already become viral sensations – generating over 60 million creations resulting in over 5.5 billion views on TikTok alone. The tunes are solid. “Welcome to Rosas” is nicely peppy, and Pine turns on the snarling smarm for villain song “This Is the Thanks I Get?!” “This Wish” is the obvious highlight, soon to become a staple on many a little girl’s streaming playlist.

The track list for the Wish Deluxe Soundtrack follows:
  1. Welcome To Rosas*
  2. At All Costs*
  3. This Wish**
  4. I’m A Star*
  5. This Is The Thanks I Get?!*
  6. Knowing What I Know Now*
  7. This Wish (Reprise)***
  8. Wish Worth Making*
  9. The Kingdom of Rosas***
  10. Meet The Family****
  11. Countdown To Interview
  12. Meet The Teens
  13. Meet Magnifico
  14. The Wishes Of Rosas
  15. Sabino’s Wish****
  16. A Disappointing Truth
  17. Wish Granting Ceremony
  18. Magnifico’s Rejection
  19. Dinner Table
  20. Everything The Light Touches
  21. A Star Is Born***
  22. Guide Away!****
  23. Consulting The Spellbook
  24. Asha Sneaks In With Star
  25. Hiding Something
  26. The Teens Meet Star
  27. A Promise And A Decision
  28. Stalling A King
  29. The King Descends
  30. Wish Returns****
  31. The Journey Calls***
  32. The Corruption Of A King
  33. Sir Simon
  34. The Teens’ Question
  35. A Warning And A Plan
  36. The Plan In Action
  37. A Leap, A Look And A Lesson****
  38. Magnifico’s Rise
  39. We Did It!****
  40. Mirror, Mirror/Rosas Celebration****
  41. Rosas Finale***
  42. The Happy Chicken Song
  43. This Wish (Demo)**
  44. At All Costs (Demo)*
  45. I’m A Star (Demo)*
  46. Knowing What I Know Now (Demo)*
  47. Welcome To Rosas (Instrumental)*
  48. At All Costs (Instrumental)*
  49. This Wish (Instrumental)**
  50. I’m A Star (Instrumental)*
  51. This Is The Thanks I Get?! (Instrumental)*
  52. Knowing What I Know Now (Instrumental)*
  53. This Wish (Reprise) (Instrumental)***
  54. Wish Worth Making (Instrumental)*
  55. Wish End Credits Score Suite****
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