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For all newcomers to the gambling industry in Australia, an important question is: is it legal to play in an online casino, and what are the risks? The problem is that even experts cannot give a definite answer. It’s all about the complexity of regulating the iGaming industry and land-based gambling establishments. Our experts will try to open this Pandora’s box and understand the laws of the green continent.

To begin with, the Australian online casino is regulated under the Interactive Gaming Act 2001 (IGA). It contains variations of games for money, available to players physically located in Australia. But this does not at all prohibit gambling lovers from enjoying online pokies on the Internet. Let’s figure it out together!

Gambling Law 2021

Our experts consider the main task of the IGA law to be the development of rules for the operation of gambling platforms and online casinos in Australia. It includes the following aspects:

  • Gambling houses cannot sell online games for money to players from the green continent. However, amendments to the law allow the use of gaming clubs registered outside the country.
  • At the same time, Australian Internet resources can accept players registered outside our continent.
  • Users can place sports bets and play the lottery. But there are also measures to suppress the activities of bookmakers.

The regulation of the operation of online gambling platforms covers all types of establishments that operate in a browser from a PC, on a phone, or through a downloadable application. In 2017 and 2019, Australian laws have changed to adapt the gambling industry to modern requirements.

Is Playing for Real Money Legal in Australia?

According to our and world experts, Australia is one of the most gambling countries. The growing demand for new types of games is due to the increase in the number of players every month. Today, online entertainment without local registration is allowed, although you can play for money in New South Wales.

However, due to the strong dependence on players, the authorities strictly control the activities of real money games or offline sports betting. An agency such as the ACMA regulates sports betting and maintains records of licensed casinos. We have learned that only the clubs on this list can conduct legal business in Australia.

But simultaneously, playing for money in clubs with foreign registration is not prohibited. For example, AU players often visit the Rocket casino website. This gaming establishment attracts attention due to its honest operation under a Curacao license with a large bonus of $1,500 + 150 free spins for beginners. Players can easily register from Australia and Rocket Casino login, gaining access to 3,000 games of chance. Entertainment is available in the browser from both PCs and mobile devices. Most importantly, playing at casino Rocket over the Internet does not violate any laws.

Levels of Gambling Regulation in Australia

After analyzing the legal data, experts learned that gambling is regulated at the federal level and by local states or territories. In the first case, the government announces a general scheme for regulating business. At the same time, local authorities are personally responsible for issuing licensing documentation and checking compliance with regulations at online casinos and land-based gaming sites.

State and territory governments cannot miss out on this revenue stream. The fact is that more than 90% of Australians from the age of majority to 24 years old have already tried their hand at gambling. Over 85% of the country’s adult population consider online pokies their hobby and spend their leisure time in the company of game characters.

Measures to Protect Against Gambling Addiction in Australia

Due to the rapid expansion of our country’s gambling market, the NCPF and IGA authorities are trying to reduce the impact of the iGaming industry on residents. The country has a National Register of Self-Exclusion, which includes people who have suffered from the harmful effects of the gambling business and who want to block accounts on their own, even in licensed casinos.

The National Consumer Rights Protection System itself uses the following functional methods to protect users:The Present and Future of Legal Gambling in Australia

After a detailed analysis of the 2023 Gambling Amendment Bill, we realized that the industry has a future. Currently, states and territories independently control the iGaming sector, prohibiting lending and introducing responsible gaming measures. These positive steps indicate close attention to online casinos and land-based clubs, which will lead to the development of precise and strict regulation of the industry.

Already today, the Australian gambling market is growing rapidly. As of 2022, profits amounted to $4.5 billion. Our experts predict that in 2028, this figure will be more than $7 billion. We are also confident that the market will be saturated with new games, including VR technologies, Bitcoin games, equipping new lottery terminals, keno, and other entertainment.

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