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Self-criticism is expected in college, especially when one does not know how to do specific tasks. However, evaluating the situation objectively without giving in to the thoughts that you may not be good at what you do is essential. While assessing the problem, you can find items or activities that motivate you to improve. You can read a book or watch an inspirational movie to get reassurance in your potential. We have compiled a list of top inspirational films to help you manage various life challenges, especially in school.

Dead Poets’ Society

The film is a 1989 comedy starring Robin Williams, a renowned comedian. It takes place in 1959 at a fictional school called Welton Academy in Vermont. Robin Williams plays the legendary character of Jean Keating. He shifts his students’ views on poetry and literature, motivating them to acknowledge their uniqueness and enjoy their life. This thought-provoking film changes one’s perspective on life and school. It will inspire you to stop living an average life, and instead, you will aspire to be great. If you always pay for essay because your essay writing skills aren’t top-notch, this movie can help you realize that you still have great potential, and by taking necessary actions like practicing to write essays, you can become a proficient writer.

You will be an emotional wreck at the movie’s end, but the takeaway will be challenging and motivating lessons. Dead Poets’ Society is worth every student’s time, especially with the mind-stimulating themes. The lessons from the film are clear when Anderson becomes independent-minded and learns not to give in to pressure from his parents and the school administration.

The Theory of Everything

The film is the story of the legend Stephen Hawking and the love of his life, Jane Wilde. Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS at 21 years old and had to come up with ways to live an everyday life regardless of his deteriorating condition. Eddie Redmayne does justice to his role as Stephen Hawking and brings out all his struggles and achievements in a way that gives the viewers a vivid picture of Stephen Hawking’s journey.

The film offers a remarkable tribute to the iconic physicist of all time. Despite his tragic medical condition that had his body shut down and the fault lines in their marriage exposed, he braved it till the end. Still, he made more discoveries and won the special breakthrough prize for discovering that “black holes emit radiation,” later known as Hawking’s radiation. The film portrays how Hawking managed to get royal recognition regardless of his condition, which motivates one to move past any challenges thrown at them to become the best version of themselves.

3 Idiots

If you look forward to having a good laugh and getting motivated, you should tune into the 3 Idiots film. Over the years, the movie has been recognized for its outstanding humor, themes, screenplay, and moving story. Its script was developed from the book “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat. The film delves into the story of two friends looking for their long-lost buddy who motivates them to improve. From their story, the viewers are challenged to work towards becoming the best among their competitors.

The film also reveals that sometimes, we may surrender to our challenges and suppress the voice within, which should not be the case. It also emphasizes the worth of following your heart and utilizing your chances. The humor in this movie will have you laughing all through, and it is relevant to students struggling to live in the moment, identify their passions, and trust their instincts.


Whiplash introduces us to Andrew Niemann, a character played by Miles Teller. Andrew Niemann is a nineteen-year-old who wants to push all the boundaries to become the best jazz drummer globally. He wants his name ranked alongside Buddy Rich. However, he does not come from a strong lineage, as his father is a failed writer.

Joining Shaffer Conservatory is his dream come true, as it is the best music school in the United States. However, he is met with several challenges, including a harsh music teacher, Fletcher, who operates in fear and intimidation and demands nothing but the best from him. Regardless of the extreme conditions, Andrew works towards getting his priorities right and setting his career on the correct path. The primary lesson one can pick out from this film is that nothing comes easy and that you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve greatness.

I Am Kalam

The film tells the moving story of Chotu (played by Harsh Mayar), a boy from a struggling background who works as a child laborer at a roadside restaurant. Regardless of his challenges, he dreams of becoming like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. After being sent to work for the family, he meets Rannvijay, who comes from a royal background, and through their interactions, he learns that luxury is indeed a privilege, but it does not make one happy.

The film promotes the theme of self-belief. Despite being denied education, Chotu holds on to the hope that he will go to school and become great like Dr. Kalam. From the movie, it is clear that education equality between the rich and the poor is a big issue, but Chotu rises above the challenges he encounters and succeeds. The film promotes optimism and challenges viewers to face obstacles with a smile. You can apply this to essay writing; when given a complex essay topic to write, you shouldn’t give up on the assignment but strive to overcome what makes the paper seem difficult.


We all need an infusion of motivation occasionally, especially students who must balance their studies, social life, and career life. School can be an emotional rollercoaster. Thus, you need to indulge in something you enjoy to reignite the fire and gather more energy to keep going, regardless of how complex the journey is. You can read a book, listen to music, or watch inspirational movies. The media you indulge in plays a significant role in your self-discovery journey by helping you become more aware of who you are and the path you want to follow. The films mentioned above will help bolster your spirit whenever you feel you are running low on hope and motivation or doubting your abilities.

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