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You’ve heard all about the Law of Attraction – that you can manifest your desires through focused thought and intention. But seeing these principles in action on the big screen takes it to a whole new level.

Movies based on the Law of Attraction can inspire and motivate you like nothing else. From comedy to drama to romance, these films showcase the power of thought in ways that will speak to your soul.

What Is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is about how your thoughts can impact your life. It’s the idea that if you think positive thoughts, you’ll attract positive experiences. In other words, you attract what you focus on – whether wanted or unwanted.

According to the law of attraction, your thoughts and feelings shape your reality. What you think about the most will appear in your life – positive or negative. If you focus on lack and limitation, that’s what you’ll attract. But if you focus on abundance and gratitude, you’ll attract more of those experiences.

Two important tools for harnessing the law of attraction are visualization and affirmations. Visualizing what you want as if you already have it helps attract it into your reality. Repeating positive affirmations, like “I am successful,” helps reprogram your mind to accept abundance.

#1 The Secret

The 2006 film The Secret brought the law of attraction mainstream. This cult classic documentary explores how our thoughts and feelings shape our lives. Over half the people who know about the law of attraction first heard about it from watching The Secret.

According to the film, our thoughts emit an energy that attracts events and circumstances that match them. So, if you think negative thoughts, you’ll attract negative experiences. But if you focus on positive thoughts, you’ll attract positive things, people, and experiences.

The film also emphasizes the power of visualization. By visualizing what you want, you can attract it into your life. See yourself living in your dream home, landing your perfect job, or achieving an important goal. The more vividly and frequently you can visualize it, the more you’ll attract it into reality.

#2 What The Bleep Do We Know!?

A quirky part-documentary, part-story film, What the Bleep Do We Know!? discusses the idea that we shape reality with our thoughts and beliefs. Through a story about a photographer whose life is transformed when she begins to question her perceptions of reality, the film explores how quantum physics and neuroscience reveal our ability to influence the reality around us.

Some of the key messages of the film are:

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

The film suggests that the act of observing reality actually influences it at a quantum level. This is known as the observer effect in quantum physics. The film proposes that our consciousness and thoughts have a similar effect on the reality we perceive and experience.

We Have Untapped Potential

The film discusses research showing that humans only use a small percentage of our mental capacity. It suggests we have untapped potential and abilities, like intuition, healing, precognition, and more, that we can access by tapping into more of our brain power through practices like meditation. Much like Tesla’s 369 manifestation method, if you come up with your own ritual or habit to do each day and stick with it, you can start achieving great things.

Emotions Shape Our Health

Our emotional state and thoughts have a significant impact on our physical health and body. The film looks at research on the physiological effects of emotions and stress and how practices like positive thinking, yoga, and meditation can improve health outcomes.

The Reality You Perceive Is Not Absolute

The film reminds us that the reality we perceive through our senses is not the absolute, objective reality. It is a reality constructed by our own minds and shaped by our beliefs, experiences, biases, and more. Recognizing this can help us to become more open-minded and flexible in our thinking.

#3 The Shift

This inspirational film from 2009 depicts three stories that eventually intertwine. The first follows a criminal on the run, the second a television journalist coping with her father’s death, and the third a young boy with a life-threatening illness. While each character faces immense hardship, they are able to find peace through acts of courage, forgiveness and faith.

It takes courage for the criminal to turn himself in and do the right thing. The journalist finds strength in pursuing her passion for writing despite naysayers. And the young boy shows tremendous bravery in dealing with his illness. Their stories remind us that courage is not about being fearless, but rather facing difficulties with purpose and resolve.

A major theme is learning to forgive oneself and others. The criminal is able to find redemption by taking responsibility for his actions. The journalist reconnects with her estranged father before his death, finding closure. And the boy teaches his parents, and us, about embracing life while we have it rather than holding onto anger or regret.

The Shift is a moving film that explores profound themes in a simple and relatable way. It reminds us of the power we have within us to overcome, to forgive, and to find purpose even in our most difficult times. The film leaves you with a sense of hope that we can all make positive shifts in our lives.

#4 I Am

This 2010 documentary takes an in-depth look at the power our thoughts and words have in shaping our reality. When we say “I am” followed by an adjective, we are making a declaration to the universe about how we see ourselves. These declarations help create our self-image and shape our beliefs, which in turn influence our behaviors and experiences.

The film explores how our self-talk determines our self-worth and potential for success or failure. When we say “I am unlucky,” “I am poor,” or “I am a failure,” we make these attributes a part of our identity. Conversely, when we say “I am successful,” “I am creative,” or “I am prosperous,” we open ourselves up to those possibilities. Our thoughts and words have power, so we must be careful and deliberate in how we think and speak about ourselves.

Transform Your Reality

I Am shows how we can change our lives by changing our self-talk. By replacing negative declarations with positive ones, we can raise our self-esteem, discover our talents, and achieve our dreams.

The film features insights from spiritual leaders like Michael Beckwith who teach us how to tap into the power within ourselves. When we realize our true potential and the possibilities before us, we open the door for happiness, fulfillment and prosperity. “I Am” delivers an inspiring message about how we shape our reality through our thoughts, beliefs and the power of “I am.” It teaches us that no matter what our current circumstances are, we have the ability to transform our lives by choosing to see ourselves in a new, more empowering light.

#5 The Master Key System

This lesser-known film is based on Charles F. Haanel’s famous book “The Master Key System”, published in 1912. The movie follows the story of a man named Michael, who is down on his luck and struggling to find purpose and meaning in his life. He comes across the teachings of The Master Key System, which promises to unlock the secrets of success and prosperity.

As Michael studies the 24-part correspondence course, he begins to gain insights into the power of his thoughts and beliefs to shape his reality. He starts to understand that we attract what we focus on, whether positive or negative. By changing his thought patterns and maintaining an optimistic mindset, Michael is able to improve his circumstances. He lands a new job, strengthens his relationships, and finds a renewed sense of meaning and fulfillment.

Although the acting and production quality of this film are not the highest, its message is inspiring. It provides an accessible introduction to the core principles of the Law of Attraction, reminding us of our innate power to manifest the life we desire through the focus of our thoughts and intentions. The movie suggests that by cultivating an attitude of gratitude, letting go of limiting beliefs and opening our minds to infinite possibilities, we can unleash our true potential and achieve more than we ever thought possible.

Here are a few key lessons from the film:

  • Our thoughts shape our reality. What we focus on expands.
  • Gratitude and optimism are magnetic. They attract more of what we desire.
  • We must let go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Our potential is unlimited.
  • The power to transform our lives is within us. We just need to apply the knowledge.

“The Master Key System” is an uplifting and motivational film, though its delivery is a bit cliché. Still, for those interested in the Law of Attraction, it captures some of the core teachings in an easy-to-understand way. Definitely worth a watch!

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