by Jim Allen on March 1, 2024

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Zendaya fans have been waiting a long time for the release of Challengers, which was initially set to drop in 2023. It was pushed back, though, and missed its slot at the 80th Venice International Film Festival. It will finally hit cinemas in April this year.

The picture uses tennis as its central theme, but it also has a romantic plot that intertwines with the action. This should help it appeal to a diverse audience.

Yet Another Entry to Booming Tennis Genre in Entertainment

Various sports have translated well in the entertainment sphere over the years, but tennis has to be up there with the most adaptable. There have been countless movies in the tennis genre, many of which have been highly successful. In 2021, King Richard detailed the history of the father and coach of Venus and Serena Williams and was nominated for various Academy Awards including Best Picture. Woody Allen’s Match Point was another esteemed tennis offering, and the 2005 picture is up there with the director’s best works.

Tennis has also been adapted in other areas of entertainment outside of film, highlighting how there’s a huge market out there for content in the genre. On mobile, there are countless tennis games such as 3D Tennis and Stick Tennis. The online casino industry also features various titles, with the slots Canada list featuring sports-themed titles like Centre Court from Games Global. The title instantly stands out thanks to its bright green background with traditional tennis imagery set against it.

It’s obvious that Challengers will have a readymade audience of people in search of more tennis titles in entertainment and has a good chance of being successful at the box office.

What is the Movie About?

Aside from the tennis aspect, the biggest draw for Challengers will be Zendaya in the starring role. The 27-year-old is one of the hottest stars in the business, with countless directors trying to assign her to projects. In Challengers, she plays the part of a tennis pro in a love triangle set over several years. After picking up a serious injury, her husband enters a challenger tournament against his old best friend and the former lover of his wife. There’s no doubt that this plot will involve plenty of twists and intrigue.

Challengers was initially scheduled to go straight to Amazon Prime Video, but Warner Bros. Pictures altered this plan and decided to go with a theatrical release instead. It will then drop on the streaming platform later. With an excellent cast and a popular genre in place, the movie has a good chance of success.

The long wait for Challengers is almost over, and viewers will finally get to see Zendaya creating drama on and off the court. Fans of the actress will also be able to see her in Dune: Part Two this year, with the science fiction offering from Denis Villeneuve set for release in March 2024. With the release of these two movies, the California-born actor’s star is set to rise even further.

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