by Aveline MacQuoid on March 5, 2024

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The debate about which casino games are better and possibly more profitable has existed for as long as there has been variety in casino lobbies. However, as most players flock to play https://vulkanvegas.com/en/category/slots and other casino titles, one gaming category that we don’t hear much of lately is board games. Although it doesn’t fall in the casino games genre, concern has been raised about the industry’s viability in the coming decades.

The thing is, as exciting as slot machine games are, developers have been striving to keep up with the dynamic market that entails users from all kinds of demographics. This level of innovation is what makes their popularity high, especially in iGaming sites. Meanwhile, the board games fan base has been dwindling in some parts of the world despite all the tournaments deliberately organized to keep these games alive. Besides the tournaments, several other attempts have been made to help board games hold on for dear life for much longer, including the introduction of ME cafes for gaming in many parts of the world.

However, many of these efforts have not yielded much in pleading a case for board games. Well, if you have been wondering whether the gaming industry is still big enough to accommodate these completely different gaming categories, you’re not alone. So, join us as we jump into why the popularity of board games is falling behind that of slot machines and whether the latter is eating up the former’s market share.

Slot Machines vs. Board Games

Given that slots and board games like Monopoly exist on different planes, trying to compare the two is not an easy task. Fortunately, it appears that slot developers and board game companies have been collaborating on combining the two in a bid to merge their fan bases.

Observing from an analytical point of view, it’s clear that the board games industry is growing less popular. So, without some sort of teamwork between these industry players, board games may be at risk of extinction or becoming part of museum displays soon.

The idea of combining games of chance and skill sounds far-fetched, especially when you consider that board games are not generally associated with gambling and are more of a sport. However, conserving the role that both play in some significant aspects of life, it only makes sense that cooperation between the two will result in benefits for each stakeholder.

As of 2023, there are not many board game-themed slots out there, but the trend is catching on pretty fast. There are already a handful of exciting slot machine titles whose gameplay and visuals draw inspiration from board games – and they have been enjoying much attention from slots fans. These titles include slot machines like:

  • Monopoly Big Event
  • Monopoly
  • Monopoly Multiplier
  • Queen of Thrones
  • Castaway

The two-in-one approach to saving board games means that both stakeholders can coexist without worrying about any possible rivalry. While some board game diehards have argued for maintaining the sanctity of the once-loved games of skill, it makes sense for some compromise, though not much, to be made.

Moreover, since the modern gaming community is mainly made up of youngsters who always try to fit quite a lot in a single day, blending the two is a fantastic idea. Undoubtedly, incorporating board games into slot machines will ensure that the former will live on as they will piggyback on the latter’s popularity.

So What Does It All Mean?

Although slots are so popular, board games still have a healthy player base right now, and industry stakeholders bringing the two together is a great idea. Indeed, time has never been more perfect as the modern player tends to lean more towards chance-based games as compared to skill-based games.

As more slot developers move to create games that rhyme well with board game lovers, the board game manufacturers can rest assured that they will be in the game much longer than may have been predicted. As things stand, it appears that slot developers are saving board manufacturers from imminent extinction when they sign contract deals to loop them in on gambling proceeds.

So, while the word “luck” may be more common in the gambling world, it turns out board game manufacturers have made their own luck by taking chances with a least likely ally. Therefore, to answer your question of whether slot providers and board game manufacturers are in competition, then it is a sound ‘no.’ The two have different player bases, and merging the two is a way to make things a lot more interesting for players who are into either of the games.

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