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When Jennifer Aniston is on the label, you know what you’re going to get: namely light-hearted comedies that put you in a good mood. But her talents do not end there: Jennifer can be found in both deep drama and action films. She was even considered an Oscar candidate for “Cake” for some time. If you’re a fan of Jennifer Aniston and looking to enjoy her best films, consider visiting Slotozen casino for a thrilling gaming experience, and afterwards, check out these top 10 Jennifer Aniston films:

Just Go with It (2011)

Jennifer Aniston plays Katherine, Danny’s (Adam Sandler) assistant. She has to pretend to be his wife so that he can pretend to want to divorce her in order to get his hands on his dream woman Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). The whole thing is tricky – and surprisingly funny! Even if (or because)? “Just Go with It” ends up being a typical Aniston and Sandler film, it’s good fun right from the start.

Because the two actors are also close friends in their private lives, the chemistry between them is perfect – even if Aniston easily steals the show as Sandler’s annoyed but loyal girlfriend, who you simply don’t want to believe is the romantic leading man.

We’re the Millers (2013)

Aniston’s last really successful (cinema) film – and it actually has a similar premise to “Just Go with It”, only on a much cheekier and more unusual level: once again, Aniston has to play an invented wife of the leading man (Jason Sudeikis), this time as snappy stripper Kate. The children are also invented, played by Emma Roberts and Will Poulter. At its core, the film is about drugs and a road trip of a different kind.

Aniston’s stripper scene is legendary, causing quite a stir and probably contributing to the film’s success. The actress plays with her all-American girl image here, but underneath the fa├žade lies a cheeky and hot-blooded woman in her prime. Aniston is visibly at ease amidst the crude jokes, and her great humour and naturalness prevent her from being relegated to a supporting role alongside Sudeikis.

Cake (2014)

In 2014, Aniston finally decided to go for it and, after many, many years of comedy, proved to the whole world that she was capable of more than countless variations of “Rachel”: in the indie drama “Cake”, directed by Daniel Barnz, she shows a completely different side of herself and plays Claire Simmons, a woman in a self-help group for people with chronic pain, who is covered in scars on her face. The embittered Claire, scarred by a car accident, is fascinated by the suicide of group member Nina, whereupon she develops a relationship with her former husband.

“Cake” is a film that looks into the depths of the human psyche at a slow narrative pace and with plenty of black humour. Although this left critics with mixed feelings, Aniston’s portrayal of a physical and psychological wreck was frantically acclaimed. Until then, the actress had never been braver, edgier, rougher. At last, Jennifer Aniston was able to show that she can also be convincing as a character actress. It was her most dramatically demanding role since “The Good Girl”.

The Good Girl (2002)

Dancing between black humour and everyday drama, the film captivates with its quiet and gentle tones, which hit the heart all the more. Speaking of which: the heart of the film is of course clearly the superb performance by Jennifer Aniston, who gives her role great depth with great attention to detail and the courage to be unglamorous and says great things with restrained facial expressions and gestures. In “The Good Girl”, she left her “Rachel” image behind her for the first time, even if she didn’t have the courage for more films of this kind in the years to come. What a pity!

He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

In “He’s Just Not That Into You”, Jennifer Aniston is part of an exquisite star ensemble that includes Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson: It’s about singles and couples in Baltimore who are struggling with the problems of getting to know each other, moving in together, being in a relationship and cheating. And above all, there is always the question: “Maybe he’s just not that into you?”

The film is based on the successful novel by “Sex and the City” authors Gred Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. The film is a charming, contemporary and sexy comedy that focuses on big emotions and the numerous actors are convincing across the board. There are one or two twists and, as a keen viewer, you may even shed a few tears.

All in all, it’s entertaining, routine fun in which Aniston proves once again that she can easily hold her own with the big names in Hollywood.

The Break-Up (2006)

There was a time when Vince Vaughn was actually still being cast for films – and this is one of his best, probably also thanks to Jennifer Aniston, who literally doesn’t let herself get down at his side and shines with her usual charming naturalness: “The Break-Up” is about a couple who want to separate but are forced to do so because neither of them wants to leave the flat they share. So it comes as it must: The two do everything they can to get the other out of the flat …

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Aniston may only play a supporting role in this black comedy, but it was her scenes that the whole world was talking about – and which are also some of the absolute best in the film: As a sex-starved dentist, Aniston steals the thunder from her co-stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day with a lot of self-mockery and great … well, passion for the subject matter (and holds her own alongside Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell). It was Jennifer Aniston’s first dip into the world of raunchy, crude and irreverent comedy and she clearly enjoyed showing this new side to her.

It’s about three frustrated employees (Bateman, Sudeikis, Day) who decide to kill their horrible bosses (Aniston, Farrell, Spacey). The result is a high and hefty gag density and a fast pace. Aniston is barely recognisable – that alone makes the film worth seeing!

Friends with Money (2006)

This film deserves so much more attention – if only because of the unusual pairing of Aniston and Frances McDormand, who you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be in the same film: “Friends with Money” is about “money, love and everyday madness”, according to the film’s official headline. Aniston plays the maid Olivia, who has no luck in love or with money. Her friends (alongside McDormand: Catherine Keener and Joan Cusack) are all in a relationship and are more or less well off financially. But does money make you happy?

The plot may not sound particularly exciting at first glance, but the episodically narrated comedy surprises with its depth, three-dimensional characters, convincing actors and a great love of authenticity and light-heartedness. Precisely because of its strict straightforwardness and quiet tones, the film seems as if it has fallen out of time – but is wonderfully timeless for that very reason.

Marley & Me (2008)

Admittedly, the real star of the film is the adorable Labrador retriever, but Aniston’s performance in “Marley & Me” has nevertheless been praised by critics for making the most of her somewhat colourless role and making the audience feel all the great emotions that come with owning a pet. And the chemistry with co-star Owen Wilson is also perfect.

The plot is explained as quickly as Labrador Marley chases the postman: he and she are in love and married, but he is afraid of having children. So they practise with a dog that quickly grows into a 50-kilogram tomboy. The chaos is perfect – but so is the great love of animals …

Watch out for the finale: make sure you have plenty of tissues to hand! Despite the charming and cheerful tone of the film, pet owners in particular will get a kick out of it.

Bruce Almighty (2003)

“Bruce Almighty” finally marked Jennifer Aniston’s breakthrough on the big screen. Although she was not yet able to fully demonstrate her talent here and clearly plays second fiddle to leading man Jim Carrey, the actress proved that she has an unusual sense of timing and authenticity. It is above all the “divine” orgasm scene with Aniston that will be remembered from this film – and which underpins Aniston’s reputation as a comedy queen. After “Bruce Almighty”, the “Chicago Times” predicted a great cinema career for the then “Friends” star.

Aniston plays Grace, Bruce’s partner, who one day receives his powers from God himself. It’s hilarious, hilarious, sometimes archaic and pubescent and, above all, highly entertaining. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fireworks of dopamine – and a very young Aniston!

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