Recommended Theater: NO FUCKS GIVEN. NONE TAKEN. ALL DONE. (The Wild Project)

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by Gregory Bernard on March 30, 2024

in Theater-New York

Written and performed by Pamela L Paek and directed by Shinshin Yuder Tsai, No fucks given. None taken. All done. is (1) A life mantra. (2) A way of cutting through the BS of toxic positivity and social norms too many of us hide behind. (3) An interactive TED talk laced with dark comedy. (4) A show originally created as the playwright’s swan song.

Pamela L Paek (photo by Keida Mascaro)

Through a series of lessons taught by a professional curmudgeon, students will be challenged on their unspoken assumptions about condoning and perpetuating harmful social norms. In this 55-minute class, they will reckon with their complicity in humanity’s current demise. Examples of learning outcomes include: how math can prove anything, preservatives are better than Botox, and being right over happy is so choice.

CONTENT WARNING: math, bad words, audience interaction, challenges to status quo

No fucks given. None taken. All done.
part of the 2024 New York City Fringe Festival
with FRIGID New York
The Wild Project, 195 East 3rd St
Tuesday, April 9th at 9:50 pm;
Friday, April 12th at 7:40 pm;
Thursday April 18th at 9:20 pm;
Saturday, April 20th 4:20 pm;
Sunday, April 21st at 4:50 pm
for tickets ($25), visit NY Fringe

Pamela L Paek (Playwright) relishes self-expression and creativity in as many forms as they can juggle, including solo shows, stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, physical comedy, and clown. “No f***s given. None taken. All done.” won a producer’s encore award and was a best immersive finalist at Hollywood Fringe 2023, as well as Best of Week and Best of Fest at Frontera Fest 2023. Pamela created a sketch comedy show called 1.5 KOREAN, which won three awards at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2021, and the short film of that work was honored by the Asian American Film Lab. In 2020, Pamela beat out 350+ stand-up comedians and won the grand prize in Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest. She has also won multiple awards for their writing, including artist residencies and fellowships for their poetry. More info on Pamela.

Shinshin Yuder Tsai (Director) is a highly accomplished theater director known for his bold, dynamic, and inventive productions that leave audiences on the edge of their seats. One of Shinshin’s proudest achievements has been as the director of the groundbreaking group. No MSG Added, the only all AAPI sketch comedy group in Orange County, which entertains audiences with their razor-sharp wit and irreverent humor. He believes that theater has the power to change lives and inspire people to think, feel, and dream in new ways, and he is honored to be a part of this incredible art form, including Pamela’s show, which pushes people beyond the drudgery and pretense of everyday life.

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