Theater Review: THE MALCONTENT (Wittols Cast) (L.A. – North Hollywood)

by Tony Frankel on May 12, 2011

in Theater-Los Angeles

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I tell you, there’s no place that I’d rather be in, than a theatre where actors become Jacobean.

A classical company, Antaeus by name, has created a show that begs nationwide fame.

Penned by John Marston in 1604, The Malcontent proves to be all but a bore.   Lewd and satirical and funny as hell, the portrayals are witty and the proceedings are swell.

You get courtiers, courtesans, cuckolds and dukes; corruption, disguises, usurpers and spooks. A dispossessed man is our hero chameleon – he outsmarts a man who is most Machiavellian. Though the antics on stage seem to be just for sport, the playwright was mocking the old English Court.

The Malcontent – The Antaeus Company at Deaf West Theatre in North HollywoodForget history and meaning within Marston’s play – attend for the acting and sharp repartee. Let the scholars discuss why the play’s rarely done – the language inspired me to rhyme and have fun.

Who cares if the script is merely a trifle? The astounding design team gives more than an eyeful.

The set of Tom Buderwitz should be the new rage – like the Blackfriars of olde, he has seats on the stage.

The Malcontent – The Antaeus Company at Deaf West Theatre in North HollywoodHammer, Andrew and Hassell, Annette should receive an award just for painting the set.

A. Jeffrey Schoenberg! Those costumes divine! With such perfect detail you’ll wish they were thine. Jerkins and gowns made of stunning gold braid; there’s embroidery, doublets and ruffs on parade.

Just in case you were thinking it’s too good to last, Anteaus ensured that the show’s double-cast. With insightful direction by Elizabeth Swain, you may have to see it again and again.

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The Malcontent (Wittols Cast)
scheduled to close June 19 at time of publication
for tickets, visit or call  818.506.1983


Alan Mandell May 15, 2011 at 11:28 am

Tony, you are too clever by half.
Your terrific review really made me laugh!

I will see it when I’m finished
Here in La Jolla.

JD Cullum May 21, 2011 at 8:25 am

Beautifully done.
Marston would be proud.

ArtsBeatLA June 16, 2011 at 6:04 pm

What a witty review! I loved this play as well. I saw the Cuckolds’ cast and I loved Ramon DeOcampo for his flashy, impassioned and alluring performance as Mendoza. Handsome and charming, DeOcampo was greasily suave as well as comical as the conniving ‘Lothario’ — great stuff!

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