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by Dale Reynolds on March 30, 2017



The primary value of the American company, MHz Releasing, lies in its ability to ferret out quality dramas and police-procedure shows from around the world, but mostly Europe. DVD releases from Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and more have all been aired in their native languages, and released as such with English subtitles. Now comes quality work from the Republic of Ireland, but it’s not in English; refreshingly enough, it’s in Irish Gaelic (spoken by upwards of 1.3M in the Irish population).

Showing a contemporary Ireland, with its normal amount of political and moral corruption, Corp + Anam (which translates as Body and Soul) keeps a serious thrust going full blast. Set in the seaside city of Galway, the series follows a ferociously driven, intelligent, and flawed television reporter, Cathal Mac Iarnáin (Diarmuid de Faoite). The forty-something correspondent— with a daughter at home and separated from his wife Mairéad (the incredible Maria Doyle Kennedy)—ferrets out numerous human/crime/political stories for his popular news-show.

With a combination of idealism and cynicism, Cathal has a super-human workload, as he is obsessed to expose the guilty and help the wronged—even as his determination causes damaging exposure to his family. His immediate bosses at the Nuacht TV station resent his independence and outright hostility towards their rules, but do recognize that what he exposes on-air makes for strong results as well as great ratings.

Nicely shot in both urban and rural sections of the Republic by cinematographer Ruairí O’Brian, Cathal dangerously speeds along the long roads, angering police and criminals alike. Series creator, writer and director Darach Mac Con Iomaire rushes his plotlines and character reactions at top velocity, leaving very little to pause at in every episode.

Everything rings true in this quality, dynamic drama, so it’s a shame that it only lasted two seasons: 2011 & 2014, with four 50-minute-long episodes each year. While we can only hope for more, we have a fascinating drama in a rarely heard language.

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CORP + ANAM (Seasons 1 & 2)
TG4, The Irish Film Board and the BAI
MHz Networks
Ireland | Widescreen | 3-DVD Set | 410 min.
Irish Gaelic with English subtitles
released on February 21, 2017
VOD available at MHz Choice
for sale at MHz Networks or Amazon

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Charles Gibson June 30, 2017 at 5:39 pm

First time in my life that I have heard the Irish Gaelic language spoken. While I can’t understand a single word, I find its sound fascinating. The show/story is riveting, well-acted, and utterly believable.

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