Theater and TV Feature: GAME OF THRONES (From the Small Screen to the Big Curtain)

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by Frank Arthur on June 7, 2018

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Since HBO’s Game of Thrones hit our screens back in 2011, the show has gone on to become one of the most popular and best-loved series in television history. With the next and final season not scheduled to reach these shores until 2019, fans of Jon Snow, Daenerys and her beloved dragons have a fair bit of time to fill until they can discover the fate of their favorite characters. In the meantime, theater enthusiasts will be able to see the hit series make a smooth transition onto the stage, with shows such as Graeme of Thrones hitting London’s West End this Autumn after a successful world tour which included sell-out performances in Sydney, Toronto and Chicago. But just how has HBO’s fantasy epic managed to capture the imagination of audiences worldwide and earn its place on the theater stage?

A Significant Cultural Impact

Game of Thrones includes characters of all genders and sizes, as well as providing a fairly accurate commentary on current events, with the use of “The Wall” arguably a metaphorical representation of the United States’ own undocumented migrant issue. As a result, fans have been suitably engaged from day one and the series has had a significant impact on modern-day popular culture.

From movie prints and White Walker figurines to video games such as the popular text-based game Blood of Dragons or the Game of Thrones graphic adventure game released for next-generation consoles back in 2014, there’s something for fans of all tastes. For the more avid gamers, there’s also slots available at online casinos, which offer high-quality graphics and extensive bonus features including Baratheon and Lannister features, as well as a stacked wild Game of Thrones logo which greatly increases the chance of a winning combination.

It’s a Matter of Taste

Whether you plan on waiting until next year for the new season of the TV series, choose to indulge in the theater experience or simply fancy playing one of many Game of Thrones-related video games, there are a number of ways to celebrate your love for HBO’s fantasy epic. As this review points out, the GoT-themed video slot features paylines and many ways to win, as well as a number of welcome and deposit bonuses for players who need that little bit of extra help when taking on White Walkers for the first time.

The Move To The Theater – A Calculated Risk Or Gamble?

Part of the success that Game of Thrones has enjoyed is down to the big budget afforded to the show by HBO. While most modern theaters are renowned for putting on a world-class show, the experience will always differ from watching a television series from the comfort of your own home. However, the worldwide success of the parody Graeme of Thrones suggests that the transition from the small screen to the big stage has been a seamless one and the complexity of the characters and plot involved in the show certainly lends itself to the stage. As a result of the success of Graeme of Thrones and other similar ventures, the series has branched out even further with a number of Game of Thrones live concert experience packages available over the summer for those who are lucky enough to live near one of three UK venues and enjoy the classical music featured throughout the series.

Do NOT Miss The Series Finale

No matter whether you choose to go to the theater to get your Game of Thrones fix or not, one thing is for certain — book 2019 in your diary and don’t think about leaving the house until the last episode has aired. OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. However, it’s important that you keep up with the series in real time because we all know how easily TV shows can get spoiled by your so-called “friends” if you’re lagging behind. Buckle up — 2019 is going to be a wild ride for Jon Snow and co.

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