Theater Preview: WHO’S HYSTERICAL NOW? (Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles)

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by Frank Arthur on October 1, 2018

in Theater-Los Angeles


If you think the Senate hearings last week were high drama, imagine seeing them live in the theater, but with a twist. Writer/producer Tina Poppy and Bootleg Theater’s Jessica Hanna offer you the timeliest commiseration on record. Tomorrow night, Tuesday October 2 at 8 at 7:30, several well-known names in the performing arts come together to reenact the Christine Blasey Ford/Brett Kavanaugh testimonies — but with the genders reversed! Admission is free, so make your RSVP now.

Says Poppy: “What if Brett Kavanaugh were a woman? What if a woman responded like Senator Lindsey Graham? What if a man recounted aloud a time when two women held him down on a bed? How would we naturally respond to that?”

Time is of the essence as the message will certainly lose its potency if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed before this reenactment. And who the hell knows what news will happen this week! As a result, Bootleg has produced this event in just three days. At the end of the evening there will be resources and actions offered to focus the energy created by Dr Ford’s testimony.

Cast members include Jennifer Kim (Bourne Legacy, Mozart in the Jungle), Heidi Sulzman (Hell or High Water), Angela Trimbur (Final Girls, The Good Place), Ashley Rae Spillers (War Dogs, Vice Principals), Jayne Entwistle (Desperate Housewives), Sophia Takal (Always Shine, V/H/S, Wild Canaries), and Adam Goldberg (Dazed and Confused, Fargo) and Alyssa Milano, who was actually in attendance at the hearings with the Supreme Court nominee and his accuser. Plus expect special surprise guests.

Who’s Hysterical Now?
Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd
for more info, visit Bootleg

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