Film Review: CASINO ROYALE (directed by Martin Campbell)

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by Jim Allen on January 18, 2019

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It’s no doubt been quite some time, but you now get to revisit the outstanding Bond movie from 2006, Casino Royale. Adapted from Ian Fleming’s first novel, written in 1953, the hero is different from Marvel Comic-type superheroes and other slot-game characters like Top Cat, where you can get a free spiny. Produced by Barbara Broccoli and directed by Martin Campbell, it is the 21st movie of the James Bond Spy Film Series by Eon Productions. The film is very enjoyable with all the required elements of drama, class, and love; most importantly, it is power-packed with tremendous action sequences, which of course is the chief ingredient of the Bond movies.

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Played by Daniel Craig, Agent James Bond has now gained the license to kill from M, along with the status of “00” agent after executing the treacherous MI6 section chief, Dryden and his contact. His first assignment as 007 is to tackle a banker with a private firm-cum-terrorist financier Le Chiffre.


With amazing performances from stuntman as well as Mr. Craig, Bond is seen pursuing the terrorist Mollaka (Sebastian Foucan), who is an expert in making and selling bombs to terrorist organizations.

His spree chasing Mollaka takes Bond to the Madagascar embassy where he shoots Mollaka and makes a huge explosion by bursting a gas tank in the vicinity. Bond flees with a bag of Mollaka in which is a cell phone with a text message reading “ELLIPSIS.”


Bond next goes to Nassau, the Bahamas chasing Alex Dmitrios (Simon Abkarian). Bond finds out from Simon’s wife that he has been to Miami. Bond tracks down Dmitrios at the Miami airport where he kills him while defending himself.


With amazing chasing skills, Bond goes after a tanker truck to the airport which has a bomb attached to it. Bond stops the tanker truck before it hits the plane, halting the explosion by taking the attached bomb and taking it away from the plane. This chivalrous action helps him save around 200 passengers in the plane.


Bond meets Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), a British Treasury agent, on the train to Montenegro; she is to accompany Bond to the Sister Casinos to protect the Government’s $10 million buy-in.

Bond faces him at a game of poker at Casino Royale, Montenegro, and tries to win the money off of Le Chiffre which would otherwise have been used to finance terrorism. But something was off with this pre-conceived thought. Both Bond and of Le Chiffre are shown playing an intense version of the game.

The game continues with Le Chiffre’s girlfriend poisoning Bond’s martini to Vesper Lynd saving him with the help of MI6 to Bond finally winning the last bet. More of this remarkable movie continues.


The film gives us a very realistic perception. The Bond gadgets are updated according to the era. The movie is fantastic and takes the storytelling of espionage to another level. Daniel Craig, with his exceptional looks and flawless attitude, has made the James Bond character the coolest ever. All the actors from Ms. Green to Judi Dench as “M” give exceptional performances.

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