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Being a student does not always mean attending classes and working on assignments or research. It can also be an informative occurrence where learners get exposure to new experiences via movies. Watching movies is also useful because it is quite possible that you will have to write a review of the film. Not every student is capable of this task. Essaywriter.today experts know how to analyze movies and write high-quality reviews. If you want an inspiring movie, here are the top 5 films to check as a student.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Pirates of Silicon Valley is an inspirational movie that portrays how hard work can lead to success. The movie focuses on the achievements of Steve Jobs’ Apple and Bill Gates’s Microsoft. It presents them as pirates who were rivals during the early days of starting their companies, and this was also crucial for their success. The characters portray how Jobs and Gates managed to establish successful companies despite various obstacles and challenges that they faced. The movie shows the importance of having a vision and doing everything possible to achieve it. The characters were focused and persistent, and this was a reason why both Jobs and Gates are now regarded as computer revolutionaries.

Jobs and Gates are both pioneers in their field, and if you are a learner, the movie can help you get a new perspective about ways of attaining your goals and dreams. Pirates of Silicon Valley can influence a learner to consider transforming their personalities so that they are better and more productive. This movie can inspire students to search for a job or starting their startups. In cases like that, you can easily purchase resumes over the internet. This will ensure you get the right position quickly, and that the resume highlights some of your strengths that make you the best choice for the job.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is about a man who has good intentions, and he becomes popular due to his decisions to choose a life that he considers to be the right path. This is one of the best inspirational movies since it revolves around the simple nature of the main character Forrest, and how he portrays a perspective that there is no need to be a genius to be successful.

The movie is often regarded as among the top 10 inspirational movies of all time since it has received various accolades. During his childhood, Forrest had a very supportive mother, and this allowed him to have a life that was not restricted. He is involved in various historically significant events, even though it all occurs by chance. He participated in the Vietnam war, captains a boat, and was a star in a college football game. He also owns a sizeable shrimping firm, has won several medals, plays professional ping-pong, and he also inspired people all over the United States. The events in the film are inspiring if you are a student and who feel that getting good grades is challenging and that they need to be smart to be successful. The experiences that the Forrest underwent means that life has many opportunities. Education is only a stepping stone that exposes one to new opportunities.

The Kings of Summer

The Kings of Summer is a film about three boys who decide to leave their families so that they can live in an isolated location in the woods. This is one of the top inspirational movies since it focuses on issues that often face learners, such as dysfunctional families and problems with their parents. The film entails characters whom most learners can identify with. It depicts teenagers who are looking for freedom, but also trying to find meaning in their lives. The boys create a dwelling out of various parts that they could find. The movie is a coming-of-age story that reveals that teenagers can cope when they no longer have to rely on their parents. It is an inspiring film since it shows students about the need to achieve freedom, and they can live better lives alone without relying on their parents. This is possible if they work hard to they can get a rewarding job in the future. The film reveals that learners can also be successful when dealing with challenges if they work together as a team. The three boys build a house from scratch since they want to feel free while living a life that they find suitable.

The Social Network

The Social Network is a great inspirational movie for students who want to feel motivated. The film is on Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook. The social media website emerged after a misunderstanding between the inventor and his girlfriend since she did not support his idea. This influences him to develop software that allows users to rank other students based on their sex appeal at Harvard. The school administration did not like the website, and Mark developed a new one called The Facebook. It was later renamed to Facebook. Despite his successes, the film reveals that Mark also had many setbacks, such as court battles. The film shows the importance of using one’s skills and talents. Mark became successful since he was keen to come up with new ideas that would be popular and useful. As a learner, you should not be afraid to pursue your academic goals, even if you face different challenges along the way. You might get poor grades at some point, but that does not mean you cannot improve. If you still have difficulties improving your grades, use custom writing services. An essay writer service will ensure you can increase your grades, particularly in technical and difficult subjects.

Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers is also another inspirational movie for students that cannot miss from this list. The three aspects that make it inspiring is that the film is;

  • Based on a true story
  • Focuses on a freshman class
  • A teacher is the main character

The movie is about an English teacher who is dealing with different problems facing the classroom. The main issue is racial tensions among students which leads to low academic performance. The students have a difficult time interacting and getting along since they are from different rival gangs. The film is inspirational since it reveals the issues many students can undergo while at school. It shows how it is possible to begin appreciating others, even if they are from different backgrounds or races. The teacher also used his finances to purchase learning materials for the students. These actions will inspire learners to understand that education is essential and it should be the focus rather than racial differences. They will also gain awareness that teachers go through many issues just to ensure that students are successful.

In conclusion, a large number of movies exist which are inspiring to students. If you feel stressed about school, or just need something to give you new ideas, then watching a film is the right choice. These films can reveal some of the inherent abilities that you have, but you might not have considered them.

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