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With thousands of series and movies to watch from, as well as an algorithm and navigation system that do not make it easy to find something suitable to watch, it can be challenging to choose a film to watch on Netflix. This streaming platform is very accurate with its recommendations. However, people still encounter difficulties trying to select a film to watch. Nonetheless, this should not trouble you much as this paper strives to provide you with some of the shows on Netflix for students. Also, you need to factor in that your academics come first. Hence you need to manage your time well.

Top Netflix movies to watch as a student

Despite the thousands of movies to choose from on this streaming platform, it can be hard to find a movie to watch. But, since you are good at choosing a professional essay writing company such as EssayZoo, selecting a movie cannot be that exasperating for you. Nevertheless, below are some of the op Netflix movies you can watch as a student.

Half of It

After the release of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Netflix presumed it had struck gold. However, the film The Half of It, has a different feel. This is one of the TV shows for teens that you ought to watch. It is the classical story of a boy who meets a girl but stumbles on words. So, he chooses to employ another girl (B) who drafts love letters. So, this girl (B) falls in love with the girl the boy met (A). However, girl B is not comfortable with being who she is. Hence, the boy helps her realize how wonderful it is to embrace who you are.


If you are a fanatic of thriller movies, then this is one of the best movies for you. Not only will it keep your heart pumping throughout the movie but also make it memorable for you thereby increasing the urge to watch it again. This hot pursuit movie features one of the best actors in the movie industry, Chris Hemsworth. He takes the role of a cynical mercenary who is responsible for rescuing and extracting the son of a high-powered drug lord from a rival cartel’s kidnapping.

Chris and the boy form a bond on their world journey across Bangladesh. However, Chris sacrifices his life for the boy albeit not receiving any payments for it.

A Secret Love

A Secret Love is one of the top shows on Netflix. This touching documentary is about two women that are in love. Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel have been in a relationship for more than seven decades. However, people around them were not aware of it as they hid it from them. Despite all the distinctive shades of adversity and partiality, the two have been able to affirm that love conquers hate.

Circus of Books

This documentary is about an old book store in West Hollywood run by a Jewish couple. In 1976, the establishment was known as a scandalous covert source of gay pornography. However, the secret kept growing. In the end, this shop became the biggest purveyor of homosexual pornography in the U.S. and set its place within the adult entertainment history chronicles.

Horse Girl

Most Netflix films have been hit and miss. However, this psychological drama is a hailed walk on the wild side. It is a slow burn look into the mental illness which leaves the audience questioning if the film is a sci-fi movie treat or a stability meditation. It is one of the best college shows on Netflix that you ought to watch.

Top Netflix series to watch as a student

Choosing a series to watch can also be difficult regardless of the numerous suggestions. But, below are some of the top Netflix series you can watch.

Dead to Me

My friend Jason Todd who is working at WriteMyEssayForMe recommends that this is one of the easiest series you can binge-watch. This murder-drama and buddy-comedy type of film dives deeper into the dark and broken psyches of Judy and Jen while permeating humor in the mix.

Time to Eat

As the name suggests, this is a cooking series that you can watch whenever you feel like trying out different recipes. This film is an invigorating departure from the exclusivity characteristic of various cooking shows. The star, Nadiya Hussain doles out easy recipes categorized by time-saving hacks, storeroom shortcuts, and cost-cutting techniques.

Too Hot To Handle

This reality show is an ultimate monotonous film. It is about fifteen bathing suit-clad contestants who live together in a villa. They should desist from contacting other individuals in a physical manner to keep their cash prize fund intact. Breaching the rules exhausts the pot more.

Never Have I Ever

As one of the best teen shows on Netflix, this film is a story of a girl who lost her father and had a brief paralytic period. She enters her high school sophomore year and struggles to traverse friendships, family, and boys. This film focuses more on the complexities of being an Indian-American, budding sexuality and grief.


This is a story of a young woman who runs from her Brooklyn life, community, and arranged marriage to start afresh in Berlin. This show is a refined, thoughtful image of a community and the significance of being one of it.

How to manage time so you can relax and watch

Now that you are aware of some of the films that you can watch, you have nothing to worry about. However, you need to manage your time well for you to enjoy these movies. And, below are some techniques that you can use.

Be organized

Develop a schedule that you will use to plan your studies as well as work on your assignments in time. Procrastinating your tasks will make them pile up thereby making it hard for you to complete them all in time and watch something. So, organize yourself and develop a routine that you will stick to.

Take any help in studying

You may find it hard to comprehend everything you read. But, that does not imply that you do not try to find a way to understand. You can ask for help with your studies from the services of professional companies such as PerfectEssay. They can help you out with any subject.

Limit distractions

Eliminate all sources of distraction in your study area. This will inhibit you from finishing your tasks on time. Also, they can make it hard for you to understand what you are reading.

In conclusion, watching a movie or series on Netflix can be difficult as there are several choices to pick from. But, above are some of the top shows that you can watch. However, you need to prioritize your studies. The tips above can help you learn how to manage your time well so that you do not overwhelm yourself with assignments when you want to watch something.

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