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by Aveline MacQuoid on August 12, 2020

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Movies on gambling have an inherent drama because they are all about risk. They are not only fun but also keep you at the edge of your seat at all times. It is always exciting to see someone constantly putting their well-being on the line in desperate, irrational hope for the one big score. Well, gambling players in gambling movies are in many ways just like the veteran cop who takes one last case before retirement. So, we decided to take a look back at some of the best movies about gambling. We veered more toward movies about gambling. Luckily, a whole lot of them happen to be great movies all on their own. Many did not make the list and, of course, you will agree and disagree with some of the choices. However, the following films cover a pretty broad range of ‘gambling-related topics’– everything from casino gambling to online gambling to slot machines to hustling and more. Of course, if this peaks your interest you can always visit the website to read more about casinos and can win exciting prizes with their latest bonus features.

  • The Gambler

The Gambler tells the story of a university professor (played by a compelling James Caan), who has an addiction for casino gambling. As the film continues, we see Caan’s character plunge into self-destruction and his mental state become increasingly precarious. As his borrowing becomes steadily worse and his need for thrills threatens to endanger his life, the film builds to a steady crescendo and brilliant climax.

  • Rounders

Featuring a youthful Matt Damon, Rounders is the tale of an entrepreneur who pays for his university fees by winning at the poker table. The film is full of famous faces, with John Malkovich and Edward Norton also making appearances. The movie’s showdown culminates in a dazzling high stakes game, with Malkovich playing the irrepressible poker baron that Damon must try to defeat.

  • 21

21 is a modern classic of the casino gambling movies genre, based on a remarkable true story. Set in the era before online gambling had set down its stall, this is the tale of a math professor (Kevin Spacey) training up a group of talented students to count cards in the major casinos on the Vegas strip. Anyone out there with even a passing interest in casino gambling, blackjack and card counting will enjoy this exciting ride.

  • The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid, starring Steve McQueen, tells the story of an up-and-coming gambler who pits his wits against the high roller of the day, Lancey Howard. Played with verve by Edward G. The film culminates with both players raising their stakes and, in an exciting finale, one of them thrillingly coming out on top.

  • The Hustler

The Hustler is a tale set in an era when online gambling was about as close in reality to mankind living on Mars. Paul Newman’s “Fast” Eddie Felson is the upstart with an attitude trying to put his pool skills against the legend that was Minnesota Fats. This is one of those gambling movies with its heart right in the origins of the pool-halls and back rooms that US gambling was built on.

  • Casino Royale

There are two versions of Ian Fleming’s story, but without doubt, the most accomplished is director Martin Campbell’s take, starring Daniel Craig. The most memorable scene in the movie and one of the most unforgettable scenes in recent film history centers on an incredible showdown at the felt in Monte Carlo when Bond takes on his adversary in an all-or-nothing game.

  • Casino

This movie is the epic tale of mob-controlled casino gambling in Vegas with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci as the stars. It has some towering support performances and some of the most harrowing and memorable scenes in film history.

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