by Aveline MacQuoid on March 12, 2021

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If there is one good thing about this lockdown, that would be the fact that we have enough time for binge-watching anything we want. This includes old favorite movies from our childhood as well as new original tv shows that come from streaming services like Netflix. For moviegoers around the globe, this feels like living in paradise where they could spend an eternity watching films and series of all sorts and genres. Perhaps the series which caught the most attention are the ones that were released during this epidemic. They scored a jackpot by not knowing how much we needed them in moments like these.

1.     Resident Alien

We needed this show so bad, so it just couldn’t arrive at a better time. Portraying life in some small town from an alien perspective is comedy gold, plus Alan Tudyk brings a marvelous performance. Everyone can’t wait for a second season and more comedy and drama beautifully packed together. We love how every episode delivers a perfect cliffhanger plus we especially enjoyed some celebrity cameos. Some big names are in play for new episodes as everybody wants to make their cameo in a new hit show.

2.     Brave New World

Another sci-fi mega-hit based on a novel that everyone loved is turned into a series that recreates a vision of one perfect utopian society. It is kind of ironic that we are living in some anti-utopia right now, with some deadly virus and a world’s economic collapse. Perhaps that is why we love this show so much despite the fact that in the Brave New World novel, utopian society is portrayed a little bit differently. Take note of that if your teacher asks you to write a brave new world essay, and you start watching the series because you were too lazy to read a book. Overall, the series captures the vibe of classic utopian movies like Equilibrium or Gattaca.

3.     The Queen’s Gambit

If you thought that chess is some boring game we suggest watching this incredible series that will definitely get you interested in trying this board game. Watching Beth Harmon is like watching today’s teenagers going through that coming of age process with all the drama, ego, and addiction problems. She is a very relatable character and for those who are way past their teenage years, this series will bring a touch of nostalgia for their youth. When we watch this show, an hour just passes by in an instant as all episodes are so intense and they keep us at the edge of our seats. The strong fan base of millions of teenagers can’t wait for another season to be released.

4.     Away

Perhaps more tv shows about space travel are what we all needed in a time of lockdown and pandemic, so we can shift our worries into the cosmos and away from planet Earth. This is a story about a group of people who must work together to survive in a hostile environment. Such a story of human bonding in a time of crisis and joint efforts to overcome obstacles is what our whole humanity needs right now. This show is also a great comeback by Hilary Swank who puts on a magnificent performance. We highly recommend the show for all space enthusiasts and science geeks out there looking for some series to binge-watch.

5.     The Crown

We will never get enough of the British royal house and their lives or dynastic disputes. There are always some interesting facts to discover in the almost 70-year long reign of Queen Elisabeth. Fans worldwide are anxiously expecting new episodes that will deal with the lives of Princess Diana plus all those controversies surrounding her death. Great cinematic values and top-notch production goes hand-in-hand with historical narrative, so this is one excellent drama to watch. There might be some historical inaccuracies for dramatic purposes but one can always turn on his tv and see the real royal family in action.

6.     Emily in Paris

Here is one perfect show for all fashion lovers who still cannot get over the fact that Sex and the City is over. All Millennials will immediately relate with young Emily or her lifestyle they all secretly desire. This series is about culture shock and adapting to new circumstances while discovering your true self. We all had more than enough time to learn new things about ourselves or our family during this lockdown and perhaps came to some new realizations. Maybe watching this show will inspire you into making some changes in your life and becoming a better version of yourself.

7.     Kobra Kai

Among all tv shows on Netflix right now, this one is one straight nostalgia injection that we just cannot avoid. If you ever watched Karate Kid or any Jackie Chan movie or played Mortal Kombat during your childhood, this is a series you shouldn’t miss. It is always refreshing when any show takes a twist and portrays things from another perspective. This show teaches us that even bad guys can become good guys and that sometimes we should step in other people’s shoes and care about other human beings. Do not miss the new season when it comes out, and in the meanwhile binge-watch all previous ones if you haven’t already.

There are some other honorable mentions but we will let you explore the wonderful world of Netflix and find something that suits you. So many intriguing TV shows are available these days that are perfectly suitable for helping us survive this lockdown. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy while it lasts.

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