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by Jim Allen on April 15, 2021

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Children’s Musical Theater San Jose (CMT) Announces Grand Opening
of New Creative Arts Center

CMT, the nationally-acclaimed theater company honored 12 times by the National Endowment for the Arts and the oldest operating performing arts organization in San Jose, announced today the opening of its new Creative Arts Center. Known for providing the highest quality theater arts programs to its widely diverse community, the CMT Creative Arts Center features 25,000 sq. ft. of space housing five rehearsal studios, set shop, costume shop, props and set storage, and collaborative staff space all under one roof. This new space will ensure a safe space for youth performers, parent volunteers, full-scale production workshops, master classes, and educational programs.

“For years we have lived and breathed the philosophy of not just making lemonade out of life’s lemons, but making a delicious lemon pie and teaching our children how to make one themselves,” said Artistic Director Kevin Hauge. “We have had many such lemons throughout our incredible 53-year run at CMT, none of which like this past one that affected us and our community in so many ways. I am so proud that we can now say that we—our organization, our children, and our community—didn’t just survive this past year but are coming out of it stronger, more resilient and more vivacious than ever, and this new cutting-edge arts center is the living proof of that.”

Located at 1545 Parkmoor Ave. in San Jose, the new CMT Creative Arts Center is in close proximity to CMT’s previous space for maximum convenience for students and families. The updated state-of-the-art SMART sound system, theatrical lighting, and contemporary dance floor provides opportunities for daytime and after school classes and production workshops for all ages and skill levels. The new building accommodates complimentary parking for hundreds of participants, supporters, and community members.

“My family has benefited greatly from CMT, and now our children will have a world class facility to learn, create, and dream big as they go back to their second home,” said CMT Board Member Erez Yereslove.

During this unprecedented year of 2020–2021, CMT’s community has invested in the future of the organization. By June of 2020, 50% of the $2.2 million capital campaign goal was secured through individual gifts, foundation support, and grants, including from the City of San Jose and County Board of Supervisors. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors, Co-Chairs, Executive Director, Artistic Director, and staff continued to manage and operate CMT. No one could have foreseen what would occur beginning in March 2020: COVID-19, quarantine, economic uncertainty, and transformational social changes. Through it all, CMT has shown by the dedication of its community of donors, staff, and alumni that theater arts matter to this community and a state-of-the-art Creative Arts Center will be a perfect blending of the history of an iconic community organization and the innovation that makes the San Francisco Bay Area shine. As of January 30, 2020, CMT has raised a full $2 million and are 96% of the way to the $2.2 million goal.

Adds Hauge: “It was particularly enriching to me and the staff to be able to continue working with the kids in the past year via video. But I’m beyond excited to see all the talented children again in person in the new center. We have worked hard with so many people on our board and beyond to make the new home easy for young people to navigate, for parents to thrive, and for enabling the best experience for our performers. This is a milestone moment for this organization, and I’m privileged to have led it towards its bright future.”

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